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Lets bully the poor blogger


Indian Blogosphere is abuzz with the recent incident of blogger Chyetanya Kunte. He has (oops had) a post about NDTV and Burkha Dutt’s coverage of Mumbai attacks. I read the post from google’s cache and the whole post is supported with logic. Many people have said the same thing but it came down to the poor blogger.

Let me bring one more incident that happened in the blogosphere. Michael Arrington of TechCrunch is re-thinking his blogging career following a spat incident. Michael was spat on by some angry fella while he was covering the Davos. Earlier Michael received a death threat by a man who actually has a gun. He has to live in hiding and hire private protection for his employees.

ZidaneThere was yet another incident few months back. Few companies are hiring people to take out the negative feedback about a particular company. The companies instead of working on their own products are actually spending money to dump content to just confuse the search engines.

Wired magazine even had an obituary for blogs. According to them, Twitter, facebook and flickr are the things of future and blogging is dead. Twitter is good. But I cannot express myself in 140 characters or less. Flickr is good too. But sometimes you need words to explain a picture especially the so called modern art.

From Amitabh Bachan’s reservations about Slumdog Millionaire to Aamir khan naming his dog as Shah Rukh, blogs has created quite a stir. Blogs like TechCrunch typically make or break a startup. Blogs can influence your buying decisions. Blogs can help with your finances.


Blogs can tell you how evil credit cards are. Blogs can teach you a skill. Above all blogs will entertain you. So whatever might be the movement against bloggers, blogs and bloggers will prevail.

All of these gave me a feeling that people actually pay a lot of attention to blogs. They say they won’t but they really do. Why else would these things happen? All these things are pointing to just one conclusion :

Blogs and Bloggers are mainstream now.

The title for this post should have been: Bloggers are influencing everything.

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  1. vaibhav dugar says

    blogs are a great source for first hand reviews… any idea on a great blog search engine? esp Inidan Blog search engine?

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