amongst the top 50 business blogs worldwide !


BusinessPundit’s Drea Knufken has compiled a list of Top 50 Business Blogs globally and features in the coveted list. Infact, is the only Indian blog that features in the list. Wow ! I am flattered.

The elite list contains blogs like Freakanomics Blog , Seth Godin’s Blog, Copyblogger, TechCrunch, and Silicon Alley Insider . Being in the same list as these blogs is a big big complement.

Thanks Drea and Business Pundit!

Oh…and Thanks goes to one more person – SriRam Vadlamani – who has been associated with since Sept 08 and has been doing bulk of writing over last couple of months.

  1. Arun Prabhudesai says

    Thank you all for dropping by… really appreciate all the wishes. Hope is able to exceed your expectations in coming times…

    Jagannath…a redesign…I’ll surely give it a thought. This design has been there for more than a year now :)

    Sriram, I am extremely happy that you are a part of and this success is as much yours as it is mine.. :)

  2. Ankit says

    Congrats guys.

    You guys thoroughly deserve it.

  3. Jagannath A says

    congrats! guys!! it’s a commendable achievement

    though an avid reader of u r blog I also wish there was more competition for ya ppl in India ;)

    and Arun may I suggest something ?? it’s time for a professional redesign for ya blog ;) what say?

  4. Sriram Vadlamani says

    I am extremely happy for and the Indian blogging community at large.

    Blogging is a lot of hard work. Arun stuck with it. When he couldn’t he called for help. That is where I came in. Since September, my association with has helped me learn a lot of things. It has been a good ride. Now, that is in the top 50 business blog, my resume` just got fatter.

    The credit goes to Arun for sticking with the blog since its inception in 2007. I am delighted to carry upon his good work.

  5. Amit bhide says

    Congratulations !!! on your achivements

  6. Ankit Singh says

    Dear Arun and SriRam,

    Its been pleasure to know that you guys are among top 50 in world bloggers.

    Keep the good work going.

  7. Arun Prabhudesai says

    Thanks Paras, Raseel and Rajeev…

  8. Raseel says

    Hearty Congratulations !!!

  9. Rajeev says

    Congratulation Arun and Sriram.. Keep it up


  10. Arun Prabhudesai says

    Hey Jai and Chirag…Thanks a ton guys…

  11. Chirag says

    Hey concrats for this.
    This is a life time achievement.
    You have done a great job.
    Congrats again.

  12. Paras says

    Congrats..well done..


  13. Arun Prabhudesai says

    Hey Venkat and Vijaya…Thanks for your wishes.

  14. Jai says

    Congrats man… you rock!!

  15. Vijaya K says

    Guys., Congratulations!
    Great Job by you folks.. even I am proud, being a follower of this blog ;-)

    Good Show by Arun over the year.. and well followedup by srirama.., infact the content and topics have gone a notch up!

    Arun, its nice to see you recognizing Srirama’s contributions.


  16. Venkata Rao Chimata says

    Arun and SriRam,

    You deserve it.

    — Venkat

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