Ads are coming directly to your mobile – Who would want it anyway?


Hyderabad based company NowPos has designed a software called Beep which sends ads directly as an image to your mobile. It is even filing a patent for this innovation. You can watch the ad as long as you want. Until now, the advertisements on mobile are only via SMS.

The idea is, the subscriber will download the application onto his mobile and ads will be sent to the individual mobile. Not as an SMS but as an image. As a trial offer, the pilot is running in Andhra Pradesh. 100 rupee free talk time will be provided for Airtel customers who downloads the application.

This is just incredible. Yet another platform for advertising. Someone thought the web is the next big thing for advertising in India but, this Beep will change the whole game.

While watching movies or matches on TV the single most dreaded thing is the ads. Sometimes we feel like we are watching movie in between ads. I know, the money for bringing you the live match or the movie is brought by the respective advertisers.

I thought mobile is like a temple where the advertisements cannot reach me except for the odd SMS. Now, that is not spared either.

Who will download the application to his mobile to see ads?  This is really hard for me to digest. Leaving the 100 rupees free talk time alone, who would want to download an application to get ads to the mobile. I don’t. I am not sure if there are people who actually download this application.

May be I am missing something here. Would you download this application to get ads to your mobile?

  1. Medium and mode may differ but advertisement industry shall keep on growing with new challenges. Every segment of advertisement shall carry certain pros and cons along with them.

  2. sita says

    This can not be a standalone offering. Rather it will be bundled with other offering. Like if you want a particular game, you have to download this application along with the game. Or to watch movie on your mobile, you need to download the app and then advertisement will be shown to you.

  3. Ankit says

    Well said,The vendors will need to address the question “Whats in it for the user”,cos the 100 rs talk time wont go a long time in enticing the customer..
    A ‘Get Paid to Recieve ads’ is the only mobile advert model that seems to be working.Youmint was probably the first start-up in bringing out the concept and they have been a runaway success.

    With this ‘Beep’ it really remains to be seen whats actually in store for the user.

  4. Yash says

    This app actually opens up a window of opportunities for advertisers. Users may not downlaod the app but what if this app come preloaded on the handset? Say if you buy a low cost ahndset of Reliance or Tata which actually comes along with the service, they can preload this app and send you all types of advertisements. So ads that were till now limited to 160 characters will now get a better medium on mobile.

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