To hell with the credit crunch, Tata to sponsor Ferrari Formula one team


Tata owns the luxury brands of Jaguar and Land Rover as well as Nano. From luxury brands to the cheapest car on the planet Tata has it all. But there was something missing. No, not an airliner. That would be suicidal. The only thing missing was Tata’s name on Formula one car. That dream will be completed now.

Tata will be sponsoring Ferrari for Formula One. The details of the deal are not out yet, but who cares about the details. Let us rejoice this moment that an Indian car maker stamp will be present on a Formula One Ferrari car.


When everyone is finding it hard to raise money, Tata is not finding it hard at all. Did someone forgot to tell Tata that there is a recession going on around the world? I guess not. They know full well about what is happening and this presents them a great opportunity to make their presence felt across the globe.

Earlier, Honda pulled out of the Formula one because of the global economic outlook. Until now, people abroad know only 2 things about India. Gandhi and Bombay. I guess they will be expanding their IQ to include Tata too.

Did someone say 2008 is the best year for Tata? I forgot. That was me and this news reinforces that.

Ta-ta is welcome everywhere.

*Image source : ChrisMRichards via flickr.

  1. Rahul says

    Its great to know that Tata will step into Honda’s shoes to sponsor Ferrari for
    F1 .


    Indian Car Advisor (

  2. Ankit says

    Great Piece Of Information.This goes to show that when the going gets tough ,the tough gets going.

    Tragedy and oppurtunity are always two sides of coin.Where the fearful guys are hibernating in the times of hibernation,the fearless(Tata’s) are going out in the market and jumping at oppurtunities.

    Even Birla’s trying to raise 5000 crore would have been unheard of even in good times.Whther Mr.Aditya Birla can actually do it is another matter,but atleast he is thinking big and not bogged down by the recession fever.

    Hats Off to these guys.

  3. Raseel says

    AWESOME !!!
    This is the best news I have heard in days !!
    Tatas Rule !!!

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