With 81 million Internet users, India is ranked 4th globally


With 81 million Internet users India is at the 4th place globally. The statistic is for Internet users and not for Internet connections. Which means, the users are possibly using Internet centers or office to access the Internet. While it is not clear how the figure is arrived at but for a country with at least 300 million of working population and many more to join, the figure looks less yet promising. US which has a population of 300 + million has a 220 million Internet users. No wonder most of the diggs on digg.com are US related.

Here is the top 10 list :

  1. USA has 220 million users
  2. China has 210 million users
  3. Japan has 88.1 million user
  4. India has 81 million users
  5. Brazil has 53 million users
  6. UK has 40.2 million users
  7. Germany has 39.1 million users
  8. Korea has 35.5 million users
  9. Italy has 32 million users
  10. France has 31.5 million users.

When it comes to broadband connections India does not feature in the top 10. Internet subscribers in India are 13.5 million and broadband subscribers are 5 million (I could not understand the difference). Though these statistics are debatable for India, they do have a trend.

Internet Users > Internet subscribers > Broadband subscribers.

Though Internet is important for 81 million people only 5 million have a broadband connection. Which means either they cannot afford a PC and hence the connection or they don’t think it is important. Compare this with US which has 73 million Internet connections for 220 million users.

What do you think about this Internet trend in India? Would WiMax solve Internet penetration problem for India?

  1. Imran says


    Why dont you have dates in your posts i.e. the date on which you publish a post. Suppose I visit your website and am accessing this article (With 81 million Internet users, India is ranked 4th globally), how would I come to know the exact month/year when there are 81 million Internet users in India. The only way is to see the dates of comments and then make a guess. Please tell me if there is anyway else I can make out the date/time of these figures.

    This will also help me to use/give reference of your website.

  2. P Scott says

    Any idea how many in India use the net for self development, to study (formal or informal) courses and gain certifications? What about informtaion sharing tendencies via forums, etc?

  3. Pranam Kolari says

    Neither the source (Economic Times), nor you report on who carried out this study, and how this was measured. Would you know?

    I am also curious what percentage of this through internet cafes, as opposed to users browsing from home, and the average-time/user in each of these countries.

  4. Sriram Vadlamani says

    @Rajeev : I am not aware of any tool that is out there which is publicly accessible.
    @Raseel : I agreee. In fact I mentioned the digg example. None of the Indian articles end up on digg. Not that it is a testimony but that is an indication. The recent articles which ended up on digg are for the mumbai attacks and they came from cnn and bbc. Again not Indian sources.

    @Rizwan : Don’t we get enough ‘Breaking News’ from our media already?

  5. Raseel says

    The interesting point to ponder here is, that even though we are reanked 4th , are we as strong in terms of participation , development and innovation in the World Wide Web ?
    Mark you, I specifically mention WWW and _NOT_ IT or Software in general.

  6. Rajeev says


    Is there any tool through which we can know the usages of Internet by Indian users? 81 million is a big number.


  7. Chaitali says

    Somewhere what you said is true but we can’t blame our people for it.
    most employees are on filed that gives them no logic to use the internet it is only at the end of the month that they realize the usage of the internet.
    maximum people in our country are middle aged or old enough who are least bothered with the latest and upcoming technologies.
    and how can we forget people below poverty line?
    the best solution to all this is to purchase a reasonable laptop/ desktop and keep it at home. there are still various companies that sell out computers at reasonable and affordable price.

  8. Chaitali says

    I agree to what you say but the country should not be blamed for it. most of the employees are on field which gives them no reason to use the internet. it is only at the end of the month that they come to know its importance.
    if we take th population our country is full of aged and middle age people who are least interested with the latest technologies.
    every person should have a laptop/desktop at their home which will force most of them for maximum utilization. However how can you help people who are below poverty line?

  9. Rizwan says

    hehe…yh very true…..my bad…. wat appalls me is that we have reached this numbers with such a bad connection….guess if we had a T1 connection, we would be challenging the US and China

  10. Rizwan says

    Dont you guys think you are a little late in reporting this…this has already hit my rss reader a coupel of days back :D

    Anyways…this article is worth being on every indian blog out there…

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