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Hotspot provides Bollywood movies for your mobile with Movie Card


Hotspot is selling Bollywood movies for mobile phones in a 1GB SD card. Called as Movie Card, this latest offering is available as a SD card slot for mobile phones. Mobiles released off late are coming with basic video playing capabilities. Hotspot wants to cash in on this.

Movie Card details

  • Price is 350 rupees
  • Memory of 1GB
  • Resolution (pixels): 320 x 240
  • SD Card slot
  • Video formats: MP4 & 3GP
  • Movies available: Namaste London, Om Shanti Om, Lage Raho Munnabhai, Omkara, Devdas
  • Games, wallpapers, ringtones will also be available.

The number of movies will be increased to 50 by December 2009. Hotspot is part of BK Modi promoted Spice Televentures. It wants a piece of Bollywood action. Bollywood market is worth 600 billion rupees and set to grow to 850 billion rupees by 2010.

This strategy is not new as Nokia N96 was pre-loaded with Om Shanti Om movie, games and wallpapers. The choice of movies offered by Hotspot is limited right now to get any mass adoption. If given a great choice this could set a new revolution. This comes with a caveat though.

Piracy is the biggest threat to both Hollywood and Bollywood. Digital media is the easiest thing to be duplicated without any loss of clarity or content. Movie Card is one additional route to it.

I would like to open up few questions for our readers:

  1. If a DVD of the same movie is available in 2 formats for the same price which one would you buy? Movie card or the DVD?
  2. With the ever-increasing memory capacity, the movie cards might get bigger. May be 10GB. Given that prediction, does this new medium make DVD obsolete?
  1. Kunal says

    1 – Yes, I would opt for Movie Card .
    2 – Yes, It mite if the QUALITY is not managed in order to fit the movies in that 1GB space.

  2. New Car Prices India says

    1) I would definitely go for DVD. Personal choice :-)

    2) It will take a long long time to completely eradicate DVD.

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