Reliance enters steel plant construction. Next is what?


What is common between Reliance and Samsung? Samsung launches new mobiles and Reliance enters new businesses every fortnight. That is where the similarities end. Oh! Wait. I forgot. There is one more thing. The caption Next is what? I think Aamir Khan and Anil Ambani will be thinking every night the same thing. Next is what? Aamir would be thinking about the next hairdo and Anil would be thinking about the next business.

I know I am being redundant here, but does anyone see the issue? Is there any business Reliance is not in? Don’t say underwear’s. Because its fabric might be coming from Reliance Industries. I know you will be saying that they belong to different groups now. But in my eyes they are always brothers. Now, back to the topic on hand. Reliance Infrastructure has tied up with a Chinese company China Metallurgic Corporation to build steel plants in India. Chinese company will provide the technology and Reliance will provide the management.  Killer combination.

Reliance Infrastructure also wants the nuclear pie. It is actively pursuing for a joint venture to build nuclear plants. The combination would be the same. Reliance does not have the know-how for nuclear plant. They will deal with the management issues like dealing with the government, procuring land etc…, while the foreign companies will bring in their technology.

Without going into the gory details of the steel plant deal, I have just one question. Is Reliance the new east India Company?

  1. dinesh says

    Hi! I The article written is very nice. That’s very true similarity between the reliance and samsung mobile. Very effective post.

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