India takes its baby steps to move up the value chain


For the first ever time a computer chip was designed, executed, and made in India. That calls for celebration. Reason, India is a moving up the value chain. Though, the chip was done with the help of Intel, it should not take anything away from India. Intel’s center in Bangalore designed the Xeon 7400 series processor, which is a first. Something like this never happened outside of USA. You might argue that Intel has the patents, but Indians have the knowledge. That is all that matters.

Americans are helping Indians to move up the value china. India known as the back office of the world might change its image soon. From services based economy to innovation and product-based economy. Though the progress is slow so far, considering the amount of talent we have, it’s a start.

Much of the same thing is happening in China. India is helping China to set up software services. China is moving from the manufacturing based economy to a services based economy. At the pace China is going, India should soon fight for the next wave of services. What better way to do this, than move to innovation led product based economy!

This is all good for India and China, but what about America? Where will it go from here? Or will we be living in a borderless world where all the countries are nothing but cities and every body trades something with on another. Unless, we are living in a borderless world, America will have it tough to survive. I heard a total of 150,000 have lost or will be losing their jobs in the financial tsunami.

What’s next for India? Should I say “Next is What“. My guess is avionics and aircraft engines. You can say SAAS. Either way India wins.

PS: Computer chips are made in India; financial tsunami’s are designed, executed in America and rescued by rest of the world.

  1. kamal thakur says

    Cool !!!

    We need patents too …

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