Now a laptop with 24 hour battery life?


How many times has it happened that you are traveling and want to finish an important report or presentation on your way – and you are constantly worried that your battery is going to give up sooner than later leaving you high and dry !

Worry no more..

Hewlett-Packard (HP), the world’s largest computer company, has developed a new generation of laptops with a 24-hour battery life. Its new HP EliteBook 6930p can be configured with an ultra-capacity battery to deliver "all-day computing".

HP all day computing notebook

The optional HP Illumi-Lite LED display boosts battery run time by up to four hours compared to traditional LCD displays, while the Intel SSD provides about a 7% increase in battery life compared to traditional hard drives.

It is worth noting that the 24-hour figure can be reached only by purchasing the ultra-capacity battery and upgrading the base model of the 6930p to include the Illumi-Lite display and 80 gigabyte version of the SSD.

The company says in addition to preserving battery life, tests have also shown that the new Intel SSD boosts overall performance by up to 57%, and data transfer rates are almost six times faster than traditional hard drives.

Now thats really cool, especially for executives who live out of their suitcases !

  1. Nishta says

    the thought of a lappy with 24 hour back up seems lucrative but few clarifications needed :
    # will the battery backup remain similar after 1 yr [ i remember hp lappy’s battery backup goin from 4 hrs to 40 min in a yr]

    # if hp ppl hav got some effiecient batteries can’t they provide such better backup batteries for existing models which we hav coz i lov my lappy the only problem with it is its lowest battery back up !

    # what about price dude !
    # would lov to exchange my old lappy with this new one … i wish they bring up some exchange scheme for the old laptops too !!!

  2. surya narayan singh says

    review of laptop battery doubler

  3. Srirama Vadlamani says

    I was expecting this to come from Dell, but HP proved me wrong.  I guess Dell will soon follow. Though IBM (oops Lenovo) will not jump in right away, other pc makers will soon jump in. Did we not see a lowest desktop war (zenith vs Intel) recently? Now, we can expect a battery war. Ultimately consumer is the winner.
    This will be very handy for today’s computing and especially in India. The ubiquitous power cuts made people yearn for a laptop like this. Unlike iPhone this I think would be a big hit. This laptop, along with Reliance’s datacard will be a godsend for bloggers.

    Do we have any price information for this?

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