Intelligent solution for a tricky problem


Most of us do not expect government bodies to take innovative approaches to solve problems. However, in recent times, they have shown that not only are they flexible but are also thinking out of the box.

Take this example where it is proposed that postman will soon be collecting messages on consumer prices to help the government track inflation better. 

A proposal has already be sent in this regard to the Department of Posts by the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation.

It is very simple. As the postman goes to the village everyday, he can go to a shop and get the checklist filled. He can just enter the prices. This kind of arrangement could be carried out for collecting data on consumer prices, before extending it to wholesale prices.    

These figures would then be used for calculating inflation.    

Now thats really great idea to solve the problem, without additional expenditure, using existing channels!

  1. Priyanka says

    This is a good idea! Otherwise the gov probably sets up committees who hire other people to get the same data. This is a much better idea, simple and saves money.

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