Do you want to be a Successful entrepreneur ?


I just stumbled upon an excellent post by Neil Patel. He is all of 21, but is one of the most successful Internet entrepreneurs I know of.

He has written an excellent article – “10 Reasons You Are Not A Successful Entrepreneur” on his blog and if you are serious about becoming an entrepreneur, this is a must read.

All the ten points mentioned are extremely important, but the 1st point – You don’t know how to manage money and 2nd point – You don’t have multiple game plans are of paramount importance if you are taking a dive into entrepreneurship !

  1. Nikki Fontaine says

    Excellent article, thanks for sharing!  This proves you don’t have to be old to be smart!

  2. Debra Baker says

    Out of the mouth of babes as the old saying goes.  Boy did I learn a lot from that ‘babe’ who is all of 21.  I bet his mother’s very proud of him.  I would be if he was my son.  Thanks for this wonderful post.


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