Poll Verdict: Indians prefer female bosses, only just


I had written about ASSOCHAM survey couple of weeks back which concluded that more than 68% men and women prefer male bosses at their work. I did not really agree with this survey and decided to carry out my own small survey on There are about 202 readers who have participated (till this point) in the survey and it reflects exactly what I feel.


Out of 202 poll voters, 42% prefer female bosses at workplace, 37% prefer male and 21% said they have no preference.

One cannot really pass any judgement as votes are quite evenly distributed. Infact, till couple of days back the vote count for males and females were running neck to neck. I can safely say Indians do not have much of a gender preference for their bosses at work, and if at all there is, the scales are slightly tilted towards female bosses unlike what the ASSOCHAM survey showed.

Although the sample size of this poll is too small to make a serious judgement, it gives an indicator of what Indians feels about their bosses.

  1. Arun says

    Sridhar, I was actually going to insert the poll dynamically, however, dynamically inserting in the post, does not show it in the feed reader . Given that I have 2000+ RSS subscribers, I have to ensure that they see everything in the feed reader itself. BTW…thats a good read. I will write about it soon. Thanks for giving me the link.

  2. Sridhar Oruganti says

    Here’s a suggestion.The chart in your post needs to dynamically update.After my decisive;-) vote,the "No preference" percentage has risen by 1%.
    This would also keep you on your toes to update your posts to suit to the ever changing voting results!
    —Sridhar Oruganti
    p.s:Also check this post (on my blog)  by Tom Peters on Leadership.Probably you could do a better write up and with your readership of 2097,this could be useful to many.

  3. Adult Uhler says

    I think if you did this survey in the UK it would be a very different story.

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