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Last updated: May 23, 2016 at 16:50 pm

Vantagetrade.com: Simplified Technical Analysis for Stock Market trading

2008 has not been too good for Indian stock Markets. Thousands of investors and traders have lost crores of rupees in recent bloodbath.

What should investors do in such a volatile market? Should they stay away or take advantage of low stock prices?

According to me, right now is the best time to put money into stock markets. The only important aspect is one has to be very careful and stock specific while investing. One needs to look at not only the fundamentals, but also do some amount of technical analysis. Most of the professional traders and investors use technical analysis to do their stock picking, but it seems to be too complex for part-time investors like you and me. Simply put, technical analysis is the examination of past price movements to forecast the future price movements based on number of factors and calculations.

VantageTrade Indian Startup

This is where Vantagetrade comes into picture. It does all the hard work for the investor and throws up exactly what he wants to know in a simple language.

For Example: I am keen on buying L&T stock. I know the fundamentals of the company are great and they have many orders in pipeline. But I am not sure if today is the best time to buy this stock. Technical Analysis with Vantagetrade is the answer.

Just enter the company name or stock symbol and it puts across the technical analysis in simple language that you and me can understand.

Here is the suggestion Vantagetrade gave me for Larsen & Toubro stock:

vantagetrade stock chart

The Trend Position:
The trend is up. Logically, you should consider being long even on weak buy signals.

This Day’s Direction and Strength:
Note: The analysis in this section refer’s to this stock’s price action alone, and not the overall trend.

  • This stock’s price direction is up.This is a Normal buy signal. You could buy on this stock towards the close or in the next session, between 2990.81 and 2996.79.
  • On a scale of 1 to 100, this signal is 58.9 %.

Market Breadth:
The volumes traded for this stock are not very high.

Stop Loss Levels:
To ensure minimum loss of capital, or to lock in your profit, it is advised that you place your stop loss if you are long, and if the last traded price is below 2648.8.
This stock’s last traded price is 2993.8.

Nice and simple ! Even Technical Analysis suggests that it is a good time to buy the stock. Go ahead make some money :)

What I liked most about Vantagetrade is the simplicity with which it displays the information. The search is excellent and fast. The information display is intuitive. Liberal use of ajax makes it very fast for the user

At the same time Vantagetrade is viral with social bookmarking buttons and RSS feeds integrated.

Give it a try and let me know if you find it impressive !


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  • Their calls are good… have been following calls and selling on target achieved… never waited for their Sell… did make money even when market was moving down.

  • For buying and selling stocks, technical analysis is quite important. It enables us to do trading at right time. Vantage trade as technical analyst is a good information provider for stock market trading.

  • Vantagetrade is pure cheating. Everybody looses money. I subscribed for one year lost both money.

    • I have used this to get trend confirmation and has worked good for me. Just saw the buy and sold when i wanted before the software gave a sell call. Made some decent profits.

  • seems interesting. what is the charge/ price of the software? any FREE Trial period ? mdhopte

  • Mahindra its not about your blog and individual comments. You are trying to do some marketing here. What I have seen on vantagetrade is that it really does catch the trend. It does give a Buy and a Sell signal when the trend changes. I did believe that a software cannot do this but vantagetrade is awesome. Hats off to these guys. I have really profited using this

  • It seems that Vantagetrade has a simple red to green and vice versa trend change based on candlestick patterns. It is a very simplistic view of Technical Analysis and does not go into details like price patterns, RSI, stochastics, MACD etc. This option is available on most charting software and is available at the click of a button. I think technical analysis is too complicated to automate using computers to pick patterns. This candlestick based pattern would at best give you a superficial picture and never the complete picture. I have given some technical analysis basics on my blog and intend to explore more intricate price patterns in upcoming posts.

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