Always be careful of what you write on the web !


Orkut user Krishnakumar Vaid has learnt this the hard way ! He stands to to be imprisoned for nearly 5 years and fined upto 1 lakh rupees if found guilty.

Here is the news:

Google has issued a statement regarding sharing the user data and IP address of Krishnakumar Vaid (22), who posted vulgar content about Indian National Congress President Sonia Gandhi. The search engine major said that they complied with Indian Legal process and gave the information regarding the user to police.

Google spokeswoman said in a statement that Google is committed to protect user privacy, but the company complies with local laws. As the information was required to trace the user for further investigation, Google helped the police to find the user from his IP. The accused user was using Bharti Airtel’s internet services.

Vaid was arrested by Pune police and has been charged under Section 67 of IT Act, 2000. The complaint was filed by a local Congress party activist Amol Bhokare who saw the content being posted in a user community “I hate Sonia Gandhi”. [source]

What do you think? Is it fair on part of Google/ Orkut to divulge the details of its users?

So every comment or scrap you make on Orkut (or for that matter anywhere else) could be seen by someone and if he finds it offending he can report to Police, and if Police asks to furnish the details of the user, Google does it to comply with Indian legal processes.

Does that sound fair?

I am not supporting what this Orkut user has done, but don’t you think Google should use some discretion while divulging details looking at the overall seriousness of situation. I am not sure if this situation was serious enough !

Wanted to know what the readers feel about this.

  1. Arun says

    @Sukhi, your comment has been restored. Somehow it got caught in the spam….again :)

  2. Manoj says

    What google did is right, but what police did is wrong.

  3. mahe says

    I think it is not fair to blame orkut/google on this issue. The law of the land is such and they have only adhered to it.

  4. Sukhminder Sukhi says

    Hi Arun, my comment is missing AGAIN. Seems I am being censored :)


  5. Revathi says

    Anything that is written on the web / for the web is not hanging in the air and is invisible.
    Once something is posted online, whether a blog or a comment or a scrap, it means publishing. All the rules applicable for publishing in print should be applicable for the Net content too, in my opinion.
    But, why should one use the powerful Internet medium as trash can venting their anger and dirtiness, after all?

  6. Rabi Gupta says

    We should look at this problem from both point of views:
    Google/Orkut: Before joining Orkut if one reads the privacy and policy then they must understand that Vulgarity and demeaning remarks are against the policy.
    Now even if one understands this and join Orkut they must be aware of the consequences (they should know that in case of getting caught up, what Indian laws are there which can get them behind the bars!).
    Even if one understands this and goes beyond the limit, off course why Google as an Organization suffer? They have a great stake at hand, Orkut is 2nd largest market for google in India.
    So if one in the name of freedom to express views, spreads vulgarity and that too about one of the World’s most powerful ladies, what he expects?

  7. Sukhminder Sukhi says

    I do not know ‘EVERYTHING’ about this issue. But this incidence proves the following:
    1. Never lose your dignity-even while you are criticizing – anything, when doing it in black and white or media.
    2. One can lose it for sure-if one can ‘stand for it’ and make others ‘bow for it’- simply said when one is the law.
    3. May be Google had wished not to divulge but had to because the content was really not ‘dignified’ and preffered to remain as a ‘lawful company’.
    4. Ultimately it is not technology but the ‘power of rule’ that wins any battle. May be Google got scared, after all it is a foreign ‘business’ in ‘their nation’.
    5. Currently had India been not under ‘KangrassRaaj’ the story could have been pretty different-may be opposite!
    6. Why blame the poor Google – in a country like India they are also as helpless as a Vaid.
    7. Finally, might is right – no matter what.

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