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myPOPKORN.com – Videos that cannot be seen !

Thanks to bad broadband connections in India, watching streaming videos on the net can be one of the most frustrating things. But most of us beat the problem by pausing the video and seeing it after it is fully buffered.

But how about a video site that presents with you hundreds of videos but they can never be streamed. Introducing myPOPKORN.com, a video site that launched recently and promises you lot of video goodies but never delivers anything.

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MyPopkorn.com is owned by Digital Media Convergence Ltd (DMCL), a part of the Essel Group, which also owns Zee Turner Ltd and DishTV. It is a website which showcases three minute videos of soap operas and other TV shows, news and movie clips.

The idea and concept behind the site is actually quite good. If you have missed any of the Soap Operas or want to watch the latest news headlines it (supposedly) brings to you the content in condensed format enough for you to get the gist of the whole thing.

When I first visited the site last week, I wasted atleast half an hour trying to see a video. I switched from one video to another with same consequences, the video just did not buffer ! I had to be satisfied by viewing only the thumbnails of those videos. After 30 minutes of frustration I gave up thinking it must be a temporary glitch.

But the same story repeated today morning when I tried to check out some of the updated videos. Just to make sure my connection is okay, I loaded youtube and couple of other video sites. All of them were streaming perfectly. Nothing wrong with my Internet connection.

My conclusion was that the probably the videos can be viewed only by ultra-fast 1mbps+ broadband connections. I have a decent 512kb speed on which the site did not allow even a single frame to be loaded.

The site claims that more than one lakh videos are viewed daily. I seriously doubt it !

I would not have written about myPOPKORN.com so strongly if it was a small time startup trying to make its mark. But this site is backed by Essel group, owners of Zee TV and Dish TV. I am sure they understand the basic of having a Video Entertainment site – the videos should be buffered as fast as possible. This is not expected from a group with such good financial backing !

I would request readers to try out MyPopkorn.com and see it for yourself. Let me know if you have any luck watching the videos !

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About Arun Prabhudesai

Arun Prabhudesai is founder / chief editor at trak.in. He jumped the Entrepreneurship bandwagon in early 2008 after a long 13 year stint in I.T Industry. You can follow him on twitter @trakin and Facebook. Arun’s Google+ Profile


  1. May be it is wiered to comment after two years. But I had been using this site for daily Hindi serials watch. Its a great site where the clips get updated everyday. Thanks mypopcorn

  2. I totally disagree with the article. Perhaps it doesn’t hold true since it was written way back in 2008. Check out the site now! The videos load pretty fast, the categories have increased and more than anything, now they have written synopsis against every video! As for the viewership, they seriously have more loyal as well as new visitors than you can think of. Hope you are not facing any difficulties as yet. And yes, the site is open to feedback. Try it out!

  3. Hi All, During old days site was taking time to buffer videos because mypopkorn video size is very big(around 50MB) as compared to other video sites. Now we have solved all your problems and you wont experience any difficulties in viewing any videos. Nitin

  4. mypopkorn.com is a rubbish site. I am not able to view any of the vidos. I want to see all the Falguni Phatak Garba at Sankalp since i am her Big Fan. Any ways the site is useless.

  5. I have a normal braodband connection at home and i am able to watch the videos clearly..sometime it buffers for a few seconds, but then continues. I should say they have fantastic videos. Even the synopsis written are very nice…The small episodes convey the complete story. I wish there are more regional content and they have many more channels

  6. I completely agree with Arun. I keep seeing ads on google and the videos don’t load . If they do, they are constantly buffering. The site claims to have great content. What is the point if no one can see them

  7. i have been watching many television videos on this site, i have hardly had any problems. i have normal mtnl connections. it seems you went on the site on one of those bad days. Rajesh.

  8. Nikz, I have written this blog post after testing the site over 5 days and several attempts at looking at videos on the site. and BTW its not only me, check out some of the comments on the site and probably most of them are complaining the slow speed and bad quality. I am unable to comment on bad quality as I have not been able to view the videos in the first place.

  9. Dear Arun, I am a very regular user of this website. It works perfectly fine in my case and I have 256kbps MTNL connection in Mumbai. you can write to feedback@mypopkorn.com and they would certainly investigate and find out why you are facing the problem.

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