Do you prefer a male boss over female at your workplace?


More than 68% men and women prefer male bosses at their work. This is the conclusion of recently concluded survey – “Preference of Bosses in Emerging Corporate Culture” – held by ASSOCHAM (The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry in India).

I am not sure whether to agree or disagree. In my 12 years of experience I have had only one female boss and I would rate her as one of my top bosses I have ever worked with. Although, it may not be the yardstick with which one can come to a conclusion, I was always under the impression that women make better bosses.

Contrary to my belief, 68% of the survey respondents expressed that “males are faster in taking decisions, quicker in disposing off their assigned jobs and much more focused and straight towards their work and at the same time passionate in awarding their subordinates with functional autonomy to completely let them enjoy their work”.

The survey has found out that 1,450 females and males executives would be too happy to have male bosses because of reasons identified above. 2/3 of this 68% lot constitute female executives and the remaining 1/3 the males.

This 68% of the respondents who voted for having male bosses, however, expressed their aversion towards female bosses with argument that women approach work with more emotions than men and secondly their concentration towards work is not complete because of motherhood factor that more often than not keeps them divided. “As a result neither the assigned works are accomplished nor job satisfaction derived by females subordinates and on the contrary breeds among them a total discontentment”. [source]

This may not sound right to a few people, but majority of females do not seem to like working under female bosses. I am saying this based not only on my experience, but even in the survey two thirds of the 68% respondents are females, which I think would have tilted the scales.

And this is what is the subject of our next poll:


  1. shripad says

    yes, because male boss is more rational.

  2. shripad says

    No if female boss is above fifty (finished with personal family responsibilities).

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