Outsourcing gone too far !


Now this one will make you laugh till you cry !

Yes, outsourcing stuff works really well in most cases and I am all for outsourcing, but this is probably the extreme of outsourcing.

See it to believe it…

Report: Many U.S. Parents Outsourcing Child Care Overseas

Hope you had a good laugh :)

  1. Priyanka says


    Is the video that i saw about Outsourcing real? I am shocked. If it is real then i truely feel outsourcing has gone too far. I just dont believe people do that.

    I am just glad that i was born in India where parents dont feel that their children are a burdon or a liability.

  2. Prabhu says

    One of the reason, I feel I am very fortunate is that “I am born and brought up in India”. My parents took care of me all these years and would continue to do the same till I am there. I am sure, 99.9% of the Indians would have the same story to say.

    If you are in the UK, you will be surprised to see the number of crimes committed by kids under 16. I am sure, this rate would be higher in any country where parents think raising their child is a costly process and choose alternate ways like these …

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