Surprise, Surprise, Indian citizens are most environment friendly!


We hear so very often our western counterparts blaming India and China for global warming and being one of the most polluted countries in the world. While that may or may not be a fact, a survey conducted by National Geographic says that Indians and Brazilians have the most environmentally friendly lifestyles based impact of individual consumer behavior.

The National Geographic Society today unveiled “Greendex 2008: Consumer Choice and the Environment—A Worldwide Tracking Survey” which brings this fact to the light.

What this survey did was rather than measuring each nation’s environmental impact, it compares the behaviors of individuals in four key areas: housing, transportation, food, and consumer goods.

greendex poll results

Brazilians and Indians each scored 60 on the sustainable-consumption scale. Citizens of other nations scored as follows: China (56.1); Mexico (54.3); Hungary (53.2); Russia (52.4); Great Britain, Germany and Australia (each at 50.2); Spain (50); Japan (49.1); France (48.7); Canada (48.5); and the U.S. (44.9).

Even though the survey shows India at top, it may not necessarily mean that Indians have very environmental friendly attitude. Greendex authors acknowledged that consumers living in developing nations are more likely to live in small residences, use few electricity-driven appliances, make shorter commutes, and use human-powered and public transport—often out of necessity rather than choice.

Download the full report here.

What do readers think? Are Indians environment friendly?

  1. Rakesh says

    Its good to see that India Tops the list but in real it is little conflicted.
    because people in India are Very poor poor , middle class rich and very rich.
    so out ot these rich and very rich they don’t care about environment they misuse it completely but here due to most number of poor and middle class people consumption got compensated just because they can’t afford to spend extra so unwilling they are doing right thing but again I am stating that report dosn’t mean that all Indians are Environment friendly infact people with choices should contribute a little then it will be pleasant

  2. shankar says

    Having a boy of DARJEELING I dont say it bs boz i have seen in my locality every people give there intrest to do the enviroment clean.

  3. green thinking says

    The clearest evidence that we are living beyond environmental means is the threat of dangerous climate change. The scale of this threat, to human life and to the natural resources and assets on which it depends, for everything from oxygen and clean water to healthy soils and flood defence, means that this simply must be our top priority –

  4. Fakejhunjhunwala says

    This report is total BS. Anyone that has been to India knows it one of the least environmentally friendly places. The rivers and air are polluted, people constantly burn trash releasing harmful substances into the air, and there is no sense of picking up after oneself.

    Since most Indians lack housing, food, transportation and foreign consumer goods, of course we’re going to score high. THE Study hurts India because it releases the government from blame and thus taking action.

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