Invest in Indian stock Markets the Happionaire way !


2008 has not been too kind for stock market investors and traders. The Indian stock market has shed as much as 25% since the beginning of this year. Investors have lost money in tune of thousands of crores.

I have been an investor in Indian markets since last couple of years and have seen the crash of May last year. However, the current situation seems to be far more worse as it is coupled with global downtrend in Economy.

So what should investors do in such circumstances? Should they stay away from the markets or do they still have a chance of making money?

I suggest you pick up a copy of “Invest the Happionaire way” book by Yogesh Chabria.

I must admit that I have just skimmed through the pages, but what ever little I have read, it comes across as a fun and interesting way of creating wealth through the Indian stock markets.

Here is what Prabhu of Desistartups has to say about “Invest the Happionaire way”

The happionaire way book

The book starts with a story of how Yogesh started his own business and entrepreneurship journey right from during his school days by setting up his own stall for a day. From there on, the entire book moves like a story narrated by your close friend as to how safe it is to invest in the share market, how to choose the companies to invest, how not to
invest etc.

Yogesh seems to have a good sense of humor throughout, which makes the odd four hours of time required to finish this book more interesting and worth while. Some of his quotes that are worth mentioning are Stock Analysts predicted nine out of five market crashes!

Don’t invest in the golden egg. Invest on the hen that lays this egg!

There is not even a single page that you could skim through and skip!

Every page including the back cover has some meaningful content in it, which is very surprising, given the fact that this is Yogesh’s first attempt with a book.

Overall, I feel that this book is definitely worth the Rs. 499 price tag and a highly recommended read for people afraid about share market, first time investors and people who are constantly watching the stock prices of their favorite stocks. This book is available at all Crossword stores according to their website.

“Invest the Happionaire way” is probably the first Indian book that has its own website and blog. If you are a stock market enthusiast, you should subscribe to his blog for some great informed reading.

At the moment the book is only available only at Crossword bookstores. Alternatively, you can order your copy online by sending an e-mail to [email protected] with your details and a request to buy Invest The Happionaire™ Way. In case they have problems shipping to your location, feel free to e-mail Yogesh at [email protected] and he will personally make sure that copy is delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the world.

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  2. Squamble says

    I read this book and found it very interesting.
    Arunji Yougesh has also come up with his second book “Cash The Crash”. That book is also equally good.

  3. Revy says

    Maybe I will check “Invest The Happionaire Way”. I hope this is a good investing book.

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    We all know that Indian stock market has become volatile now a days. One day its going up and another day its coming down. So we all should like to know
    what is the reason for it.

    Well We say its the game of FII how they direct the market. They have huge money with them they can direct any share as per there needs and requirement.
    Now its a alarming time.

  6. suunil says

    i want to subscribe.

  7. how to invest in the stock market says

    You have to invest the lump sum. Dollar cost averaging makes no sense on the lump sum unless you know the future. Maybe you do want to diversify the sum, but you don’t want to hold on to it.

  8. Yogesh Chabria says

    Thanks for the lovely review. I am happy that so many of you have liked it!

  9. Suresh Desai says

    Invest the Happionaire Way by Yogesh Chabria is a must
    for all type of investors in the stock market. The author has deliberately created enthusiam especially for first
    time and “panic investors” who are constantly monitoring
    movement of their favourite stock like watching a cricket
    match. The contents of the book are worth its price
    of Rs 499/- and after reading the book, investors are sure
    to gain an invisible emotional insight about the share market.Moreover am sure the investors are bound to turn
    mature enough with knowledge and wisdom thus ready to
    face any calamity – positive or negative.

  10. Muthu Ramadoss says

    The stock market has not hit the bottom yet. Still more to come.
    find stuff closer.

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