The Dirty world of Corruption


One of the biggest change that I have seen in Indian media (especially TV news media) is the amount of trash a.k.a- masala news they telecast throughout the day. With 100s of new channels getting launched, every news channel seems to have such lack of exclusive news that they go to any lengths to make a news – A Breaking News. I see most of the news channels beaming only Bollywood and Entertainment news, most of the time.

I digress- coming back to the subject, while switching between channels during the IPL match yesterday evening, I happened to see something interesting on a news channel. A sting operation carried out by Channel Aaj Tak. It was such a news that I did not switch back to IPL !

The news channel showed video of Indian Hockey Federation (IHF) secretary-general Kandaswamy Jothikumaran accepting bribe. The footage clearly showed Jothikumaran accepting Rupees 5 lac (approx. $12500) to include an unnamed player in the national team for next month’s Sultan Azlan Shah Cup tournament in Malaysia. You just need to have Rs. 500,000 to enter India’s national hockey team. Pretty cheap I must say.

The channel said in a release that its Special Investigation Team found that the selection process in hockey was not “always fair, the current administration is highly corrupt and that IHF President Gill is oblivious of the corrupt practices of his colleagues.” The channel claimed that after receiving a cash payment of Rs 2 lakhs and taking a promise of another Rs three lakhs to be given to his man in Delhi, Jothikumaran assured the channel’s team of getting a player picked up for the senior hockey team for the Azlan Shah hockey tournament next month.

It claimed that the bribe money was given to him in a five star hotel in Delhi in two installments on April 10 and 11.

It is such a shame ! For the first time, Indian Hockey Team did not even qualify for Olympics and even then these Indian officials are not least worried. Infact, they are keen on making a fast buck resorting to any means and putting India in shame !

Look where Indian national sport, hockey, has come to due to actions of these corrupt Indian officials !

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  2. mathew says

    As i have said vote for better people. It is happens most of the time in India, the same people when they go abroad are afraid of law and order that they obey them diligently. Since our whole system is corrupted nobody gives a **** about the law and order.
    What will happen to secretary-general Kandaswamy Jothikumaran of Indian Hockey Federation,
    NOTHING. he will continue in office, because a new scam will come and we will focusing on it. The court will take probably (after his death) time to give a verdict.

    So vote for a change, that’s the only way.

  3. sushma pedapudi says

    Iam feeling very sad about this stupid corruption. And it is very sad that India is in 87th place among all other countries.So we being youth should make India free from corruption.

  4. Home Business in India says

    The first one that should be blamed here is the voters. We are the reason why those corrupt officials are there taking advantage and abusing the power we gave to them. Corruption is always present anywhere you go. Not just in India, but anywhere you go. And no one else could stop them, only us (‘voters’).

  5. Pooja says

    Indians are not bothered about bringing name and fame to its country but only finding ways to earn money. At this crucial time when India needs to buckle up and bring back name to the country, we get the news of another corrupted officer, the secretary-general Kandaswamy Jothikumaran of Indian Hockey Federation accepting bribe as mentioned in the article above, I feel that corrupt people who are becoming an obstacle in the growth of our nation has no rights to be in committee of decision makers. I recently read a similar article in, really a cool one, guess you must check that too.

  6. Saranya says

    Have you ever imagined what would India be without the parallel economy!!!

  7. Sridhar Oruganti says

    For whatever reasons,people atleast would come to know about hockey.
    Yes its really a pathetic situation both corruption and the sports affairs.
    Though wayward,do check this link:

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