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Reliance Entertainment buys 200 movie theaters in U.S. – Are they spreading too thin?


I just came across this news in Business Week that mentions Reliance Entertainment has bought around 200 movie theaters in U.S. within last 3 months alone.

I have been quite surprised at how aggressively Anil Ambani owned, Reliance entertainment, arm of Reliance ADAG has spread the wings in such a short span. Within last 2-3 years it has entered into nearly every business in entertainment space.

A look at different ventures of Reliance Entertainment:

Venture Entertainment Space
Zapak online gaming and downloads
Bigflicks offering online/offline movie rentals
BigAdda Indian social networking site
BigTV offering direct to home (DTH) services
BIG92.7FM India’s largest private FM radio network
ADLAB Films producer, distributor, processor and movie theater owner of Indian cinemas
BIGCinemas Largest chain movie Theaters in US :)

Did I miss out any?

So why is Reliance buying movie theaters in US?

Reliance says it hopes to reach Bollywood fans in the U.S. through its American movie theaters. “The nature of the U.S. chain provides a significant fillip to Indian film distribution in terms of directly and efficiently reaching a large base of Indian consumers,” says Anil Arjun, a senior vice-president at Reliance Entertainment. The group has purchased the theaters from mom-and-pop operators and will give them better acoustics and air conditioning. Reliance will not divulge the cost of its investment or the names of the sellers. The plan is to target areas with the densest populations of the Indian Diaspora in the U.S., bringing them Bollywood movies as well as regional Indian films in languages like Tamil and Telegu and other Asian languages such as Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. Reliance plans to rechristen the theaters as “Big Cinemas.” [source]

Is Reliance spreading itself too thin getting into every line of business?

As per B.R. Sharan, chief creative officer at SaReGaMa Films,:

“It’s a typical Reliance strategy, Own the hardware—cinemas—and you control the entire supply chain.”

Given the growth of Bollywood movies and soaring popularity of Indian stars in the west, this seems to be the perfect move!

  1. Amit Azad says

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  2. Amit Azad says

    sir I hv vry dernt cncpt please gv me 1 chns sir 9892059263.

  3. shashank negi says

    well the reliance industries knew the the popularity of indian films in the us .there are 1oo and thousands of people wanting to have the indian cinema in a big frame.the flamant growing populaity of indian cinema all ovr the world jusitfy that .so the company knew where it is heading to leaving no stone unturned.

  4. Sridhar Oruganti says

    Woah,this aint thin,its aggressive.

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