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10 Indian online advertising networks

Online advertising is steadily robbing the market share from traditional media advertising. Given the potential of growth and increasing Internet penetration in India, online advertising is set to explode in coming years. The 38.5 million Indian Internet users, according to an IAMAI study, have become the prime target for numerous advertisers clouding the web.

To cash in on this growth, number of online ad networks have come up in India in last few years. Here is an overview of current pool of online ad networks in India.

komli logo | 10 Indian online advertising networks

Komli is a leading online ad network in India offering tools to Publishers to help them manage, optimise, and make the most of their online advertising. On the other hand, advertisers have access to millions of clients worldwide in order to increase their consumer commitment, brand recognition, leads, and sales. They offer different options such as CPM and performance based CPC and CPA marketing.

Solutions to both publishers and advertisers include Komli premium network and Komli performance network. Komli premium network offers publishers tons of advertising formats using the newest web technologies, as well as many top brands, and provides advertisers with rich, targeted ways to connect with consumers.

Komli last year got $7 million funding from 3 VCs namely Nexus India Capital along with Draper Fisher Jurvetson and Helion Ventures.

pubmatic logo | 10 Indian online advertising networks
Although branded separately, Pubmatic is service offered Komli.

Simply put, Pubmatic is a ad network aggregator that helps publisher to maximize the revenue that you can earn from your web site , and it reduces the complexity of managing multiple ad network relationships.

Pubmatic optimises the Ads for publishers by offering the ad real estate to the network that maximizes your earning opportunities.

tyroo logo | 10 Indian online advertising networks

Tyroo is an India based online advertising network that uses proprietary targeting technology to ensure advertisers reach out to the right websites from its inventory of publishers.

Internet company Yahoo picked up at least 35% stake in Tyroo for an undisclosed amount in July 2007. Incubated by Delhi-based digital media company Smile Interactive Technologies Group, Tyroo was voted as one of the 10 most interesting startups by Business daily Mint, a part of the HT Media group.

Recently Tyroo claimed to reach 2.5 billion Ad impressions a month. According to Tyroo, its 2500 strong publisher network includes Perfspot, Facebook, About.com, SantaBanta, Smashits, Yatra, and OneIndia. The company counts Microsoft, General Motors, Pepsi, ICICI and Yahoo amongst its advertisers.

dgm india logo | 10 Indian online advertising networks

dgm India claims to be the largest performance based affiliate ad network in the country. dgm India is a wholly owned subsidiary of Deal Group Media.

dgm India offers to its advertisers affiliate program to develop a virtual sales force using one of their turnkey affiliate marketing products, whereby advertisers promote their products via relevant and top performing affiliates /publishers.

For publishers, DGM India will optimize their online inventory, monitor and evaluate performance and provide with attractive deals from all the advertisers

ozone media | 10 Indian online advertising networks

Ozone Media is another online Ad network in India. Even though they are one of the early entrants in this business, I am not sure how they are positioned currently. Not much information is available on their site other than that they use Accipiter’s AdManager with geo-targeting features which helps to target campaigns to different countries and audiences.

I am really surprised that being into online advertising space they themselves do not have much to show on their website.

paypod logo | 10 Indian online advertising networks

PayPod is an online ad network specifically tailored to help advertising agencies take advantage of the digital medium. Targeted at the advertising and publishing industry in India, PayPod’s Digital Advertising Network solution helps deliver ads on the Internet based on geography, context, content, gender and age group relevant to specific requirement and target audience.

Along with online Internet advertising, PayPod has also launched mobile advertising solutions for publishers in India.

indiaads logo | 10 Indian online advertising networks

IndiAds is the leading Internet advertising network for the Indian and South Asian online community. They claim to deliver 800 million ads per month to Indians and South-Asians living in North America, Europe and Asia.

IndiAds offers ad serving services for websites with traffic over 20,000,000 pageviews per month. With ability to precisely target ads to any geographic location, with greater flexibility in campaign settings, publishers are able to acquire new advertisers and provide better results for their existing clients.

sulekha ad network | 10 Indian online advertising networks

Sulekha is another Indian ad network claiming to be India’s No.1 Ad network reaching 2 million unique visitors a month and 10% of online global Indians.

Sulekha Ad Network has a network of 600+ websites serving Indians and NRIs. Sulekha Ad Network influences consumer behaviour and lead to brand awareness, lead generation and online sales by leveraging the LARGEST ad network serving NRIs and Indians:

ads for indians logo | 10 Indian online advertising networks

AdsforIndians also claims that it is the largest Indian Ad network and came into existence in 2004.

it also claims to be the only Indian ad network, which has the advanced technology to syndicate the text ads with pictures as well as banner ads. Ads placed on AdsforIndians are published on all their participating partner sites worldwide. Ads can be geo-targeted to specific countries and ad channels to reach the targeted visitors relevant to your Advertisement.

google adsense ad network | 10 Indian online advertising networks

Although not Indian, it is the most popular Ad network not only in India but worldwide. More than 5 publishers mentioned above claim to be the largest Ad network in India. I wonder how that can be with more than 75% market share is with Google alone !

Any other Indian Ad networks remaining?

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About Arun Prabhudesai

Arun Prabhudesai is founder / chief editor at trak.in. He jumped the Entrepreneurship bandwagon in early 2008 after a long 13 year stint in I.T Industry. You can follow him on twitter @trakin and Facebook. Arun’s Google+ Profile


  1. hey why u forget to list http://www.clickmount.com, it is indias latest ad netword

    • sir i think you do not see the indiavigyapan.com Indian Ad network with 90% of revenue share minimum 100 rs or 1.5 USD Payout no website Criteria and one of most quality is phone support with any kind of problem

  2. Google adsense is the best. For websites like mine which are in financial sector and automobiles, it gives CPMs as high as 5-10$

  3. We have tried a few ad networks. But Google Adsense is the best bet. It gives a ROUGHLY CPM of US $ 0.80 which is about Rs 40 for 1000 impressions of their ads. Compared to them, the Indian ad networks give a measly Rs 5 to Rs 10 per 1000 impressions (CPM). This is for our website – filmytown.com I know that the revenue is per click basis, but the best yardstick for ones website is to look much revenue is generated per 1000 impessions which your website gives to a particular ad network.

  4. This list is a result of good workout, but i think one more ad network has emerged with so speed in international and Indian Online Market is Tribal Fusion http://www.tribalfusion.com, can be appended in the above mentioned list.

  5. Hello, Thanks for the awesome list.Was reffered this site from DP. But 1 question, Is there any of them who accepts adult content [Not porn] in the site ??

  6. Bollywood Entertainment Network is an ad network with 6 of the 10 largest South Asian entertainment sites in the world, sites that generate 1.3 billion page views/month and 500MM page views/month in USA. For NRIs, only Sulekha comes close to our reach… and it is a distant 2nd. To learn more, contact: john@saavn.com 646 920 1669 Thanks! -john d. director, bollywood entertainment network (saavn)

  7. Hi, I am Sambasivan of RevenueMantra,..We are a multi-channel Ad Network based in Mumbai,..we enable Internet, Mobile and Print channels as of now. Check us out at http://www.revenuemantra.com

  8. And What’s About Adrevenue india Pvt Ltd having ad network Named ADsmart ans website:www.adsmart.net Is basically a UK,US based network started already to work with Indian advertisers. ADSMART is the product of Adrevenue dealing in online and mobile marketing.

  9. Ozone Media you say? They dont even have a form to apply for being a publisher! What age are they living in?

  10. As per most seasoned real estate investors and advertisers of properties for sale in India, gone are the days of print media ad campaigns. For property buyers, printed media presents a flat, uni-dimensional experience – one ad with abbreviated terms and maybe one property picture. For sellers, the newspaper is a one-shot deal. You pay once and get a one-time exposure. Internet provides a far richer experience for home buyers. They receive virtually unlimited property information, many photos, and maybe even a virtual tour are which is like an open house right from their desktop. Internet provides a blank canvas on which to market the property for the life of the listing at a very affordable price. Internet listings are viewed globally. It is all about exposure, depth of information, and value. But you need proper media planning -  kkinfratech.com Choose Web addresses? Then, pick a plan that fits your budget. Not all property portals provide the same results. Do your research to find the best fit for your type of property. In addition, social media marketing platforms like Indian City Portal and Real Estate Times are boons to sellers who know how to leverage them.

  11. I have tried almost all of the Ad networks mentioned above, but most of them are not matured yet. Google AdSense continue to be my best choice and Ozone Media is my alternative choice. They are pretty good in responding to queries. I had an issue with Ozone Media Ads – one of their Ad unit was interrupting the normal functioning of webpages, but it took only minutes for me to get them block that Ad unit. I had a similar issue with Axil last week – When I placed their Ad script in the site, it completely screwed up our entire site. When user click on any link or button in any page, it shows a dialog window asking "One of our user like to chat with you, do you want stay in the same page".  No matter what the user select, it still stays in the same page without taking the click action. When clicked again, it asks one more time and then goes to the next page. I contacted Axil to get this fixed and they said it is night now and we can’t fix this until tomorrow. What would have happened if I had NOT noticed that in the mid night? Our entire site would have been frustrating 100 of thousand users.  (We have over 100,000 page views per day)

  12. I am a publisher. Which is the best network that pays regularly and have plenty of ads. My site get around more than 100k  hits every month.

  13. harish Madhyastha

    Of Brandfronts and Buzzar. How do you find stuff on the internet? The answer is a no-brainer. Google it. The pre-eminence of Google has all but taken away any other mode of retrieving information from the internet. But the rise of Wikipedia (and its impending search engine Wikia ) and the potential threat of Facebook as a ‘search engine’ seems to threaten Google ‘s dominance. Yahoo’s Glue Pages, which debuted in India ( an indicator that Indian markets are increasingly proving to be interesting to digital denizens) are all trying to be ‘the preferred gateway’ to cyberspace. Why is all this so important? Because marketers will be where the crowd is. Thus, we have a situation where all technology companies are trying to be the number one…surprise…surprise…advertising company on the web. Google, by the way, is the biggest advertising company in the world. So, whatever happened to advertising companies? What’s going on here? It’s easy to understand what’s going on if we understand two things – how advertising worked in the past and what the internet enables. Advertising in the past has worked with a predilection to broadcast. The advertiser broadcasts a commercial, at an appointed hour, in conjunction with a television program or across programs and channels. This was great for familiarizing the brand and building brand loyalists, but not communities – television was not a community builder because the community did not have an easy way of talking to one another. The internet, which has a native capability to build communities, also removes the need to view programs by appointment. This presents some serious challenges to advertising. Add to that technological complexity and it’s easy to see why advertising companies did not get into the internet first. Somebody had to first figure out how all that stuff worked in the first place. The problem with this approach however, is that brandspeak gets lost in folkspeak on the net. The search engines were meant to index all the folk speak. Sponsored links evolved as an afterthought ( marketers will be where the crowd is ). If you don’t believe it, try typing your favourite brand into any of the search engines above and look at the search results. Unless you are a brand researcher, it’s hard to think you’ll be impressed with the gazillion results that any of these engines spew out. Brandspeak is crowded out by folkspeak. With mobiles, laptops and other internet-enabled devices continuously contributing to folkspeak, the problem of retrieving brandspeak on the net is going to become even more acute. And no, search engine optimization is only a band-aid remedy. Because the web just became Web 2.0 – that means social web, semantic web and rich media. What brands need is not just SEO optimized webpages, flashing banners or sponsored links. They need their own, special place on the web. They need their brandfronts. What’s a ‘brandfront’? Your brandfront is a ‘digital asset’. So, what’s a digital asset? We’ll need some rethink here. Internet has, so far, tended to be ‘page based’. This mind set has spawned page views, page ranks, SEO etc. But with the emergence of digital worlds like Second Life, it’s more useful to think in terms of ‘digital assets’. On Second Life, for example, you can have your own ‘showroom’ or ‘corporate building’ etc. This is the era of digital assets and digital geographies, as opposed to ‘pages’.Your ‘brandfront’ similarly, is a ‘digital asset’. Presenting Buzzar. http://www.buzzar.tv is an online exhibition platform for brands. With product and service categories that make for easy accessibility and a simple-to-use interface, is whole new way of advertising online. Buzzar gives you a ‘brandfront’ – a departure from banners, eyeballs, clickthroughs and other conventional online ideas. Buzzar is non-intrusive and allows users to explore brands at their own convenience -an ideal complement to print, radio and television-based advertising. The dashboard, loaded with features, delivers an enriched brand experience for the user. What’s more, using a comprehensive back-end module, the brand manager can manage brand campaigns and customer-facing marketing collaterals completely. And like your website ID, your brandfront will also have an ID. (e.g) nike>buzzar.tv. All the user needs to do is to type in your brandfront ID into the navigation panel and he lands on your brandfront, instantly. Buzzar Features: Standard Features: Brand Video In Buzzar the central piece of communication is the “Brand Video” . It can be a commercial, an infomercial, an event video or a video made specifically for your brand front. Everyone knows that the video medium can convey more in less time, than any other medium. Opinion poll The all-important vox-pop allows you to pop a question after the user has seen your brand video. Useful for everything from opinion polls to test marketing. Wikibrands These pages allow you to put up your brand history or trivia that you may want to share with your customer. Or a story your customer might want to share with the world. You are the editor. Wikibrands build a strong online community for your brand. Offers Run any promotional activity – from a discount coupon to a ticket for an event. Here’s a natural extension to your offline initiatives. Make your customers come back for more! Store locator This convenient feature allows the user to locate your brand store closest to him/her. Converts eyeballs to footfalls! Downloads Posters, ringtones, music, wallpapers, games, desktop themes, screensavers, PDF documents, photos – any kind of digital goodies you care to give your customer. Add-on Features: Brandworlds Walkthroughs, 3D or 360 degree views of your product or retail outlet. The closest alternative to your customer seeing and interacting with your brand in real life. Archives All brand videos you’ve ever made for your brand, displayed as a timeline – a powerful way to show your customer the evolution of your brand over the ages. Shopping cart The brand experience is never complete without the shopping. Should you want to tempt your users to making that final decision, the shopping cart gives you a rich, interactive online display and an integrated back-end mechanism to process orders and ship it. e-viewer Allows users to flip through your digital brochure or catalogue and forward it to their friends. Huge savings for you on printing costs! Pixelkraft Buzzar.tv is brought to you by PixelKraft, a 5-year-old media solutions company based in Chennai, that offers content creation, online exhibition, digital advertising and marketing communication solutions. Regards Harish Madhyastha For PixelKraft Media Solutions (P) Ltd. Croydon House 113, Sterling Road Nungambakkam Chennai 600 034 India http://www.pixelkraft.in / http://www.buzzar.tv +91 44 2825 1740 / 2823 9899 +91 98402 91914 Email- harish@buzzar.tv

  14. Hi Arun What’s about "Affiliate Curry".  It claims to be the  India’s First and Largest Affiliate Network !

  15. Nice list… here is some more info… AXILL is great ad network with regular payouts. TYROO disappoints big time, just dont have enough ad variety. NAUTANKI its good, but many dont use them – auto play vid ads are irritating SAMPURN is the lastest player. Till now its been going good. Whether they pay or not is still need to be determined. KING is of course ADSENSE… no one comes close to it

  16. Great info,….keep up the good work..I have been reading your blog for a while and I must admit that its really helpful……

  17. Nice compilation.. I like nd trust Google Ad sense a lot!! Havent heard about the others though.

  18. @Archana yes and what ad it displays in the website ?? “This website is currently under construction” idiots

  19. I am not sure how the Indian companies are stacking up against Google. As far as know Adsense is way ahead of all the competitors but its encouraging Indian companies getting into the market. rk http://theindiastockmarket.blogspot.com/

  20. There is one more ad network called indclick.com that claims to serve more than 15M impressions/month having more than 200 publishers…

  21. Hey Jag, Thanks for letting me know about axill.in. I had not heard about them. Another reader mailed me to let me know about and ad network called Media Estate. I am sure there may be couple others. In short, if you count India based as well as global online ad networks covering India, we are looking at number close to 20. And to think of it they are fighting amongst themselves for market share other than what Google has (20%-30%)- there is really stiff competition. I just get a feeling that for most of these ad networks, getting through small publishers/ bloggers seems to be quite tough. Rajeev, thanks for dropping by… Yeah, I did see a press release yesterday about it. Ebay will surely help Komli to expand its footprint as it commands around 2.5 to 3 million pageviews and growing !

  22. Indian ad server is one of big ad network in india.

  23. Hey, This is Rajeev Goel with PubMatic. Thanks for highlighting the rampant growth in the online ad space for India and the accompanying rise of ad networks in India. The market has both the endemic India market as well as the global trade market – Indian web surfers who are surfing foreign web sites where the foreign web site can’t monetize the traffic well. Wanted to highlight some fantastic news for Komli today – Komli is the exclusive representative for eBay India for monetizing eBay India’s ad inventory. It’s a great partnership for both of us.

    • Pranjalika Gupta

      Dear All, After reading commnets by evry1 i got to know that you all are into this industry for a long tenure. Kindly advise me that to make a career in Internet Advertising what qualification is neccessary. I have done my masters in Maketing Communication & Management and so far I worked for advertising Agencies as a Client Servicing Exec. I am sure people out there like Jagan and Rajeev will help me out.

  24. nice post btw :)

  25. http://axill.in the people who were behind bharathstudent.com I guess they own it :D and pubmatic is not an ad network its a hosted ad server or ad manager… like google ad manager service which is in beta we can have our own ad manager/server using openx ad server http://openx.org it was formerly known as open ads…. lol and even business today doesnt have more info on ozone media ;) Internet advertising is all set to explode in India – targets for takeover http://businesstoday.digitaltoday.in/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=3444&issueid=25

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