Have you seen Zoho lately?


Zoho never ceases to surprise me !

The quality of SAAS solutions (free or very competitively priced) Zoho keeps churning out at consistent regularity must be making SAAS giants Google and Microsoft quite uncomfortable.

In last couple of months Zoho has introduced 3 new very useful SAAS solutions/ utilities: Zoho Invoice, Zoho People and Zoho Viewer

Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice is an online invoice generation and tracking application for small and Medium sized businesses. It lets you create, send and track Invoices & Estimates.

Some of the features of Zoho Invoice:

  • Create and send branded invoices, quotes or estimates.
  • Automate repeated invoicing through recurring invoices.
  • Track outstanding invoices and customer payments. Accept payment online.
  • Send overdue reminders, acknowledge payment receipts.
  • Expand your business overseas, with support for multi-currency.
  • Data security and backup. SSL encryption of data on transit.
  • Powerful reports to see how your business is doing.

The pricing is simple & affordable. It is based on the number of invoices you create. It obviously comes with a free version that lets you create upto 5 invoices per month and it has several packages ranging upto the ‘Elite’ package that lets you create upto 1500 invoices/month for $35/Month. More information on the pricing is available here.

zoho people

Zoho People is a fully online Human Resource Management Application for HR team for a small to medium sized organization.

Some of the features of Zoho People:

Just drag and drop to customize

With customizing existing forms or creating new forms being just few clicks/drag & drops – you do not have to write code to customize the service to your needs.


Configure business processes of your organization using checklist. Trigger´s sequence of tasks on a specific action like create/edit/approve of a request to complete a business process.

Employee portal

With all your employees basic demographic data available to all your HR & benefits staff – processing payrolls, generating reports, conducting appraisal etc all become easy.

Self service

With the handling of their data being given to the Managers & Employees themselves through self service, it increases data accuracy, decreases administrative hassles & lessens mundane paper work for you.

Recruitment & resume management

With a growing organization recruiting becomes cumbersome & less accurate but e-recruitment helps you automate the recruitment process thus helping you acquire talent,easily & effectively.

Organization chart

View the employee reporting hierarchy as a tree view.

No download, No install, No coding & No implementation

Just sign up & start using. Adding a new form is just a drag & drop. No coding is required for implementation.

Here is a video demo of Zoho People:

Another small yet extremely useful utility Zoho launched few months back is Zoho Viewer

Zoho Viewer

With Zoho viewer you can view and share documents online. Just upload your document, grab the URL and share it with your friends or post it in blogs / forums. You do not even have to sign-up. Another good feature is that you can set a expiry date or keep it always-on !

I would love to know how many of trak.in readers have used these services and their feedback.

  1. geskoz says

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  4. Mike says

    Zoho seems to be good, but it hadn’t got the feature of VOIP. Though every one can share information and documents online, they are unable to talk with each other. Zoho should start thinking of this immediately.

  5. Rajiv says

    The only thing left for them i guess is VoIP. They should start selling a hosted VoIP solution with Office Integration. :)

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