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The recent ComScore study throws up some interesting facts about blogger’s web consumption. As majority of bloggers are from US and UK, the survey shows their browsing preferences and amount of time they spend on which kind of sites.

Technorati tracks more than 115 million blogs and they are growing. Infact, blogs outnumber traditional websites.

Heavy Bloggers are Heavy Consumers of News and Entertainment Content

For purposes of this study, heavy bloggers are defined as the heaviest 20 percent of blog visitors who account for 84 percent of all the time spent on blogging sites.Given that blogs can often be described as both informative and entertaining, it is not surprising that heavy users of blog sites are more likely than the average Internet user to consume news and entertainment content online. They are significantly more likely to consume content at politics and general news sites, and also consume a disproportionate amount of content on entertainment news, humor, movies and photo-sharing sites.

highest category engagement heavy bloggers
*Composition Index – Page Views = number of page views among heavy bloggers/number of page views among total Internet audience x 100; Index of 100 represents parity.

When I am writing any post, the most important aspect for me is to do a thorough research which requires going to various news sources – the case of pretty much every serious blogger. So which are the most popular sites that heavy bloggers visit.

Heavy Bloggers are Heavy Consumers of Content at Digg.com and PerezHilton.com

Consistent with the site category findings, heavy bloggers are heavy consumers of content from several individual news and entertainment sites. Heavy bloggers consumed more than three times as much content on social news ranking site Digg.com as the average Internet user, and also exhibited well above average consumption of content at other news sites, including CTVGlobeMedia, DrudgeReport.com, HuffingtonPost.com, Salon.com and ABC News Digital. On the entertainment side, heavy bloggers skewed towards content at PerezHilton.com and CollegeHumor Network. Heavy usage of webhosting sites Rapidshare AG and Megaupload.com also suggest that heavy bloggers are tech savvy and online do-it-yourselfers.

Highest site engagement among heavy bloggers
*Composition Index – Page Views = number of page views among heavy bloggers/number of page views among total Internet audience x 100; Index of 100 represents parity. [source]

I am quite surprised that technology sites/ blogs do not figure anywhere in the list given the high number of tech bloggers. I think tech blogging phenomenon is limited to India only. And all of us know that blogging has not really caught up in India with less than 1% of all bloggers globally.

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    Nice informative article, good research done, It will be great if you can also publish your content in SiliconIndia, as I am a member of SiliconIndia, I am sure your piece of information will really be helpful for most of the members.

  2. Nitin Rao says

    I for one have my Google reader open all the time. Or else visit financial sites.

    You can check out my financial blog here.


    Nitin @ My 2dimes

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