Ummm….Taco Bell is coming to India !


Taco Bell India LaunchOne of my favorite fast foods living in US has been Taco Bell. The Nacho Cheese Chalupas, Nachos Bellgrande and 7 layered Burritos. I have freaked out on them. I can literally feel their taste as I am writing this.

In my early days in US, Taco Bell was the only place (apart from Subway) where I used to eat – given that I am a veggie and most fast food chains in US rarely serve any good veggie items. Not to mention that they are relatively cheaper too.

I have missed Taco Bell in India till now, but not anymore.

Taco Bell is coming to Indian as early as mid 2008.

AF reports:

At present, Taco Bell is conducting a consumer research study to understand the Indian market and the customer palate. Earlier this month, the Mexican QSR (quick serve restaurant) chain called for a pitch, and Ogilvy and JWT were asked to make presentations. JWT has already been entrusted with Taco Bell’s launch duties. The development was confirmed to agencyfaqs! by Ashok Bajpai, general manager, Indian subcontinent, Taco Bell.

Bajpai says, “It may take a few more months to roll out the Taco Bell brand in India. The decision has already been taken and right now we are trying to get a hold on understanding the Indian consumer’s tastes. Taco Bell being the second largest QSR format, next only to McDonald’s, we expect to leverage its brand equity immensely. We have the right combination of tastes and the ability to offer something refreshing to this market.” Taco Bell will be rolled out in the major Indian cities initially.

I hope Taco Bell Pune launch happens sooner than later. This news has really brought a smile on my face :)

  1. Mukesh Patel says

    I want taco bell in ahmedabad.

  2. jayendra singh zala says


  3. rushi patel says


    i am interested to open taco bell in ahmedabad gujarat so please give me more information or give me contact no please asap

  4. ajay varma says

    if any vacancy in tacobell in mumbai let me know on mobile no 9820648316

  5. surajkumar says

    taco bell was launched in Bangalore in mantri square
    Delhi and Mumbai cities just show off look at Bangalore city and learn we won’t be in hurry for anything so we get thing done so gd Bangalore is ASIAS fastest growing city
    Mumbai u loose every time when it comes to Bangalore
    Cheers for Bangalore
    proud to be a bangalorean
    common bangaloreans Mumbai is nothing ASIAS dirtiest place

  6. harshit Shah says

    I love to eat taco bell and we need taco bells in Surat!! Is there somebody wants to franchise for surat, India?

  7. navin patel says

    i am looking for taco bell in ahmedabad so let me know the formalities in details for franchise

  8. HERSH says

    love TACO BELL the most
    the chessy nachos, the burritos, chalupas and the bell grande
    just open it in india — first outlet in Gurgaon for sure

  9. yash patel says

    want to open taco bell in mumbai so let me know the formalities in details for franchise

  10. Ravinder Sandhu says

    I am interested in opening “Taco Bell” in Dehradun.
    Please let me know about the franchise formalities.


  11. Binal says

    Arun Prabhudesai hiii
    i am interested to having taco at Ahmadabad or in Baroda for my DAD as he loves it so ,i want to know more about taco bell& franchise formalities

  12. Aliasgar says

    Has anyone found out the procedure of opening a taco bell franchise.. I am looking fwd to open one in Mumbai..

  13. Parshottam Patel says

    I want to take franchisee of TACOBELL in AHMEDABAD, I have already sufficient Space for Tacobell at S.G. Hwy,Ahmedabad. The Space available at one of the biggest mall in Gujarat. The space is my own property.

    I have 5 SUBWAY Franchisee in USA.

  14. satya Raj says

    Hi sir,

    This Is Satya,i would Like to Join Your Team,When i got News I Think That am Also One Of the Employ In Your Organisation..Plz free to Call :9036202384. Am Redy to Work In Your Any whare,,,

  15. Siddharth Nair says

    hi there…..well i hate to say this n go on record…but im the first gereral manager for the first ever taco bell in india….we’re plannin on an october launch here in b’lore guys n gurls…..holla bac if ya’ll got any querries…..

  16. Praful Khatiwala says

    I have engineering business in Surat city in state Gujarat in India. Surat is near seashore of Dumas. I have open space in the city as well as Dumas in prime business location. I am interested in having Taco bell frenchise for the city. The population of the city is aprrox. 4million and it is purly business place. Also Surat people are fond of eatings espacially low priced. Since i am born and broughtup in Surat and I have enjoied Taco Bell in U S. I am sure The Taco Bell restaurent In Surat will run very well.

  17. VIJAY KUMAR DUA says

    Liked the taco bell the only option available to veggies and its really good and am enjoying the taste and would like to carry the message for the the same to India. I will miss the taste there as it is not possible to visit US again shortly. I would be interested to open an outlet in India, Delhi Janakpuri where we have a commercial space in a big market. Please let me have the details about requirements for opening of an tacobell outlet.

  18. Rahul Jindal says

    I Just Love Taco Bell! I survive on it when I am in US, it has amazing vegetarian options.

  19. sandeep saggar says

    want to know more about taco bell& franchise formalities

  20. Manpreet Sarkaria says

    I am very interested in having taco bell on my site in Punjab. Please advise me regarding the process?


  21. Haril Patel says

    Hello. I am also looking to open a Taco Bell in Gujarat. We own many good places next to MCd’s and Subway. Please give me more information.

    Thank You!

  22. Bhavna says

    This is the best New Year Gift for me. My entire school and college years in US are lavishly sprinkled with visits to Taco Bell!
    Please come soon to Hyderabad.
    PS: Just add ‘curd-spanish-rice’ for general public as one of the side orders :)

  23. Robert says

    I love taco bell food!! Its one of the best fast food restaurants out there!

  24. Baha says

    Hey we all Love McDonald’s a lot, the main important things about McDonald’s is about the quick service, Hygiene and the best affordable prices with best ever quality. i always goes to McDonald’s and i am sure you all love. B’coz my family says I’m Lovi’n it.

  25. abdul rahman says

    let me know the details to open taco bell in eagerly awaiting to do it.

  26. sunny says

    hi varun…even i am interested in opening a new taco bell rest in hyderabad…can u please gimme any info if available with u in opening a taco franchisee in hyderabad

  27. Suni says

    Eagerly waiting 4 it in pune.

  28. GERRY says


  29. Varun says

    Well I like taco bells 7 layered buritos its awesome man….Iam egaerly waiting tacobell to open specially in Pune….can anyone tell me whats the procedure for opening a franchise outlet….I would love to open a tacobell restaurent in Pune and Hyderabad.

  30. Shridhar Aggarwal says

    me and my friend garry is looking forward to open a franchise outlet of tacobell in Ludhiana

  31. naresh sharma says

    when tacobell is comeing to delhi .i like it .

  32. Ajay Singala says

    Yo Quero Taco Bell!

  33. Raseel says

    Cool !! I like Taco Bell too.
    I remember when Pizza Hut came to India, hadn’t they been to Pune before Bangalore or Mumbai ?
    I think we will have to wait for the official announcements.

  34. Arun says

    :( hmmm…
    However, that is a good idea you have given me:)
    I am sure Taco Bell will do a roaring business in India..

  35. Amit Puri says

    I have a friend in Yum (parent co of Taco Bell) and he told me that the first store will open in Sept (not mid of 2008) in Delhi or Blr (probably the later). So you have to restrain your taste buds a little longer. And those in Pune may have to wait muuuucccch longer.

    Arun…you can probably take up the Pune franchise to speeden up things. :-)

  36. Arun says

    No, I have not seen Burger King as yet. Subway/KFC/Mac all are there. I guess BK should come up shortly too.

  37. Philip says

    I too love Taco Bell and Burger King more than Mac and KFC. Wonder why the first two took so long to open in India.

    Btw, is Burger King available in India? On my last trip to Hyderabad, i found only Mac and KFC.

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