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If you are foodie like me, you would love HungryZone. It is a place where foodie’s can get together, write reviews and find out the best places to go out dining.

HungryZone is the national version of popular Bangalore-centric HungryBangalore. They have currently launched in 9 other cities and plan to replicate the success of HungryBangalore through other Indian cities.

Hungry Zone restaurant reviews

Currently only Bangalore has wide range of features like online meal ordering, reserving tables and booking of tiffin service. All other cities are currently limited to Restaurant listing and reviews. However, I am sure all these features will be added to other cities as well.

HungryZone has also ventured in other areas like publishing recipes, articles and videos. No wonder their tag line reads “One stop site for anything related to food”.

Currently HungryZone has opened up in Bhopal, Chandigarh, Delhi, Goa, Indore, Jaipur, Mumbai and Kolkata along with Bangalore.

I was surprised that HungryZone chose to expand to places like Bhopal, Chandigarh and Indore before Pune. People in Pune are know to be biggest foodies (other than Bangalore) and love to go out dining. Infact, go on any main road in Pune and every 100 metre you will find a restaurant.

Other notable player in this space is burrp! and they seem to have gathered good community around restaurant reviews. It will be interesting to see who comes up trump in the long run.

Give HungryZone a try and let us know what you feel!

  1. kamesh says

    Hungryzone’s service is worst, and un-professional. Due to busy schedule, Today first time I through of trying order food using your service hoping you will deliver the food on time. I order at 11.45 and ordered the food to be delivered by 12.30. Your people told that kitchen will open only at 12.15 and food will reach in 45 mins. I have waited till 1.10 PM. I called your people for status, I was told that food will be delivered in 10 mins. Again I called after 15 mns, now your people told to that they will call back in 2 mins. After now reploy for more than 10 mins, I again called, again same answer. One guy told that food is on the way. Again after some some other guy told that it is heavily raining in electronic city where the restaurent and my residence are located, but there is no rain. Why this many unnecessary reasons. Since we have children waiting for food, I cursed my self for choosing you and went out for food.

    If you can’t make your service, please tell in advance, why you will drag till we fed up and then choose our path. I am really felt bad.

    Do or quite from business.

  2. Menus Nearu says

    Great article to foodie’s can get together, write reviews and find out the best places to go out dining. New innovative cookers can share your information here……That will be useful for all who are learning cooking

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