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What a platform is for Indian Entrepreneurs and their startups !

Here is my first hand experience.

If you are a Indian startup, you just cannot miss being at – It is not just about funding, but the overall atmosphere, the people and the talks from industry gurus all add rich insight on what is happening in Indian startup ecosystem.

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I attended for 2 reasons, one, was shortlisted for the startup showcase event and two, it was a great opportunity to meet up with fellow entrepreneurs and bloggers. On both counts, I took away more than what I bargained for.

Presenting your startup to investors in under 6 minutes is harder that one would imagine. A startup about which you have so much to speak about and you get just 6 minutes to make an impression – it is a very very difficult task. The mentoring session was all about letting the startups know what to present and how to present it (in under 6 minutes).

One of the main problems that we (startups) faced was, while we were in the mentoring sessions, there were some great talks on technology and business tracks. Speakers like Samir Sood (M&A head, Google), Atul Chitnis (GeoDesic), Laura Perkin (NEN) and Suroji Niyogi (Appizer) gave some very informative and interesting presentations.

The next day was action packed one! 15 startups got their 6 minutes on the stage and a chance to impress the investors and they sure did! too received lot of attention and interest from number of potential investors and I am thankful to all who showed interest in It is such a great feeling to see people equally excited about the product that you have worked on for months!

I am greatly thankful to organizers of for providing such a great platform for entrepreneurs like us. The next edition of will be held on July 18th and 19th in Delhi. Without doubt I will be there !

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  1. Mesmerized says

    Its nice to know that it all went well. do a super great job.

    Great going :)

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