Rs. 1 Lakh Tata car will be unveiled, a decade after announcement


This year’s Auto Expo will probably be the most attended and most watched Auto event worldwide.

The reason – Tata will be unveiling its much talked about Rs. 1 Lakh car to the world. Nearly every car manufacturer in the world participates in this event and everybody’s eyes will be on Tata’s car.
Many car manufacturers were skeptical about possibility of this car seeing the light of the day. But Tata’s have done it and other car manufacturers followed. What was thought to be impossible has now come to reality !

ET reports:

What will be revealed on January 10 will be a properly designed and built car which could have been done by any other car maker in the world but they shied away from this. Credit the team led by Ratan Tata for sticking doggedly to their task and beavering away for almost a decade to come up with what promises to be the most cost effective people’s car in the history of the automobile.

On this count itself India has shown the way forward and while many lived in outright skepticism of this, only know is there grudging recognition form the majority behind the viability of such a car. Of course strong praise has come forth from none other Renault’s Carlos Ghosn, the man who knows all about value engineering and cost shredding. Ghosn has been the first within the international automotive world to have seconded Tata’s concept and given it the ultimate accolade by announcing a rival to it!

Tata’s Rs. 1 lakh ($2500 ) car cost is less than half of the cheapest car in the market today.

Here is a very early picture released of Tata 1 lakh car. I am not sure about the authenticity of this picture.

Very early Picture of Tata’s 1 lakh car

  1. New Cars for Sale says

    This is a wonderful opinion. The things mentioned are unanimous and needs to be appreciated by everyone. I appreciate the concern which is been rose. The things need to be sorted out because it is about the individual but it can be with everyone.

  2. Nilesh says

    Yeah good innovation but doubt if it is going to keep upto all those aforementioned dreams , considering the traffic and the hiking petrol Prices..

  3. ramakrishna says

    all photo sbelong to this 1 lakh car is better

  4. online India Hotel Guide says

    It is great car but I do not think they are going to sell the much cars on this price for long time TATA will hike the price of the car within five to six months

  5. Sanjay "Globerian" says

    Great dream car for all Indian guys

  6. Sanjay "Globerian" says

    Great TATA Great…………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Its not only my dream car,its Indias dream……….
    Cost is not factor,ride nano is dreams factor.

    Sanjay Kumar Narjinary

  7. trakin says

    This photo was before the car was showcased today…This was a very early version released some 10 months back..

  8. puchoo says

    Thats a very weird looking photo. IBN has better snaps.

  9. vivek says

    this is my dream car. i like it very much.

  10. Philip says

    Cant wait to see the new car. Knowing Ratan Tata and his penchant for springing surprises. We can only hope that all the hype is worth the wait.

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