Remember this before sending a press release!


One of the frustrating things I have been facing since last couple of months is the number of irrelevant press releases and announcements that come my way in expectation that I write it on my blog.

Don’t take me wrong, I would love to have relevant information, infact, like most of the bloggers, I am always on the look-out for stuff that I could feature on this blog and thats why I have contact forms in 2 different places for ease of use.

What is even more annoying is most of the releases are cut and paste and sometimes they don’t even remember to change the name of earlier site that they have mailed the release to.

Here are a few generic points to remember before you send a Press release/ announcement

Get the details right

I am surprised that this happens so many times. Person sending the release has copied and pasted the details from previous email, and has forgotten to change the name of the blog/site or person. Please check these basic things before sending.

Send relevant information

Please send relevant information. I publish articles related to Indian Business and startups. There is no way I am going to write about something that relates to handicrafts, some scientific discovery or about non-Indian startups unless there is a compelling reason to do so!

Personalize it

Your chances of getting articles published will increase drastically if you take just a minute to write couple of lines personally to blogger instead of pure copy and paste.

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  2. sri vikas says

    i understand .

    i have made this mistake couple of times but then there is always room to reflect on the mistake made and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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