Planning a trip to Goa or Kerala for the New Year Weekend? Think Again!


Indians are getting richer and so are prices, from real estate to common commodities, all soaring through the roof.

Even going on a vacation within India is more expensive than going for a short trip Singapore, Bankok or Sri Lanka.

Here is a news published by MoneyControl:

Ringing in the New Year at a 5-Star hotel within the country could burn a hole of up to Rs 40,000. Favourite holiday spots like Goa and Kerala are selling at Rs 20,000- 25,000 a room per night. Some high-end packages are also going for a whopping Rs 35,000 a night or even more. Add to this the airfare and your holiday works out to be significantly more expensive than a short trip to Bangkok, Singapore, or Sri Lanka. Premium hotel rooms in these foreign destinations are available at anything between USD 150-200 dollars a night.

Even the smaller 3 and 4-Star hotels are selling for Rs 10,000-15,000 a night for the New Year. Of course, with a dinner and dance thrown in! So, if hotels are cashing in ‑ why shouldn’t the airlines. Whether you fly budget or a full-fare airline, the cheapest ticket to say  Goa is around Rs 12,000. That is almost as much as the cost of going to Thailand or Malaysia.

This is the same reason why I am going to Lonavla and not Goa. It is F$$$$$$ expensive !


  1. trakin says

    Kannan, Sumedh is right !
    However high salaries in India might have got, a mid level manager cannot demand that kind of salary. Mid-level management is more like 17-22 LPA range…
    you can grow into double figure in first 4-5 years easily but then it slows down…

  2. Sumedh says

    30 LPA is certainly not common for god’s sake !!!

  3. Ankit Rastogi says

    Well no doubt the demand supply mismatch has been well created by the biggies (MMT,YATRA etc) and a huge network of well established off line travel agents.
    This has been through the enormous blocking amount they have spent to show a sold out inventory in few hotels. And to make sure people buy the rooms/vacation package at last moment at obscenely high prices (3 to 4 star at Rs 10K-15K) these portals/agents only open the bookings for New Year eve in late December few as late as around 25th Dec.
    But just to answer your concern of alarming high prices within domestic sector we at , IHR have made sure to provide our customers cheapest Kerala/Goa/Himachal packages even during the busy season of last 5-7 days.
    Infact IHR is creating niche with its budget travel deals to most known and unknown places targeting the bottommost layer of huge travel pyramid by providing cheapest vacation/hotel deals. We at IHR started selling New Year Kerala deals way back in October at lowest prices and all the packages constituted of budget hotels like Autumn Trees,Munnar and Non AC Indica and a Non AC Houseboat making sure that we keep the cost low and pass the best rates to our customers.
    We are trying to replicate same in almost 10-15 other locations pan India aiming to become the cheapest online hotel/vacation packages provider to Internet users.

  4. Kannan says

    Wow that’s amazing. I live in US and that comes up to like USD 1000 or so for high end hotel. But seriously isn’t it common to get 30 to 40 lakhs for a mid level manager in India now. So from their point of view this is not lot of money?

  5. Pune Hotels says

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  6. Pune Hotels says

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