After Video resumes it is time for Video Interviews


Indian companies, especially software firms are changing drastically the way they conduct with their business. Indian software job market is seeing fierce competition and why not, with top Indian software firms hiring candidates in thousands every month.

Video Interviews

Hiring candidates is not limited to a city or state. In most cases the potential candidates come from different parts of India and sometimes from different countries. This incurs heavy cost on the company in terms of traveling cost and stay. This also takes up a lot of time which is very critical for software companies.

Yes, one can do a telephonic interview, however it has its own limitations like impersonations and lack of insight on candidates body language, personality etc. that play an important role in hiring decision process.

To overcome the cost, time and impersonation barriers for non local candidates, Wipro, a leading Indian software company has already introduced Video interviews and have screened hundreds of applicants through video kiosks it has set up at three of its campuses — two in Bangalore and one in Chennai.

The process is simple, according to Dhananjay Ganjoo, vice-president (enterprise), Nortel India. The kiosk comprises a video phone, provided by Nortel Networks, with a 4×4 inch screen. The cost of each phone is around $250.

The candidate walks into a video kiosk and dials a pre-determined number at the given time. The human resources (HR) person or panelist at the other end picks up the phone and the interview starts.

“We implemented this to save on costs, time and eliminate impersonations, given that we recruit nearly 5,000 candidates every quarter,” explains Jethin Chandran, GM (IT Planning & PMO), Wipro.

The Gartner Group estimates the procedure can reduce companies’ travel costs for recruitment by 15 to 20 per cent.

Video phones also appear to solve the problem of impersonation or fake résumés that have plagued the IT industry in particular, which loses crores of rupees in the bargain.

I have been impressed with the way Wipro is rapidly changing with times. Very recently they also became the first Indian company to sponsor 2010 and 2014 FIFA world cups. I think this was a great investment made by Wipro given football’s universal appeal thereby branding themselves as a global IT player.

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  2. Bryan St Laurent says

    The Wipro solution described above is only a half solution. It is essentially video conferencing from kiosk to corp office. Video conferencing requires two people on each of the connection to work. True video interviewing is asynchronous and only requires one person to schedule their time, the candidate. It’s like the difference between a live phone call and using voice mail.

    HireVue provides a video interview solution that allows hiring managers to see recorded video interviews of their job candidates anytime, anywhere. Candidates reply to job specific questions, and their interviews are stored in a secure database for easier viewing, circulation and assessment by all involved in the hiring process.

    True video interviewing provides compressions of HR metrics, cost reductions, and increases in staff productivity in the high double to triple digits.

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    Bryan St.Laurent

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