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Cost of living in Indian cities not too expensive afterall…


Now that I am moving back to India, one of the aspect that I am closely looking at is the cost of living in Indian cities. Contrary to my belief, one of the recent surveys showed Indian cities not being too expensive compared to its counterparts across the globe, even after sharp rise in rupee and booming economy.

The survey conducted by Hong Kong-based ECA International showed that Mumbai, most expensive city in India, ranks lowly at 177 worldwide and poor 24th in Asia. I had always been under the impression that Mumbai was one of the top expensive cities in World let alone Asia. One of the reasons is that this survey does not consider Real Estate.

ECA’s cost of living data compares a basket of 128 consumer goods and services commonly purchased by expatriates in over 300 locations worldwide. The data is used by ECA Member companies to calculate cost of living allowances for expatriates. The survey covers: • Food: Groceries; dairy produce; meat and fish; fresh fruit and vegetables • Basic: Drink and tobacco; miscellaneous goods; services • General: Clothing; electrical goods; motoring; meals out

Simply put, the survey only considers commonly purchased consumer goods by expats.

Among the Asian rankings, Indian cities Mumbai and Delhi occupy 24th and 25th positions while Chennai comes at 27th place followed by Hyderabad (28), Kolkata (30) and Pune (31). SUrprisingly, Bangalore (37) has the least cost of living among Asian cities, followed by the Sri Lankan capital of Colombo (38) and Pakistan’s capital Islamabad (39). Who says Bangalore is expensive !….minus the real-estate.

Here is the complete list of Rankings:

Asia 2007 City Country World 2007
2 Tokyo JAPAN 13
3 Yokohama JAPAN 18
4 Kobe JAPAN 27
5 Hong Kong HONG KONG 79
6 Taipei TAIWAN 94
7 Beijing CHINA 95
8 Shanghai CHINA 100
9 Singapore SINGAPORE 122
10 Guangzhou CHINA 147
11 Jakarta INDONESIA 153
12 Shenzhen CHINA 156
13 Shenyang CHINA 158
14 Qingdao CHINA 159
15 Tianjin CHINA 160
16 Dalian CHINA 162
17 Chongqing CHINA 166
18 Bangkok THAILAND 168
19 Chengdu CHINA 169
20 Suzhou CHINA 171
21 Xi’an CHINA 172
22 Wuhan CHINA 175
23 Nanjing CHINA 176
24 Mumbai INDIA 177
25 New Delhi INDIA 178
26 Xiamen CHINA 182
27 Chennai INDIA 186
28 Hyderabad INDIA 189
29 Metro-Manila PHILIPPINES 191
30 Kolkata INDIA 193
31 Pune INDIA 194
32 Hanoi VIETNAM 195
33 Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIA 197
34 Vientiane LAOS 198
35 Karachi PAKISTAN 203
36 Ho Chi Minh City VIETNAM 204
37 Bangalore INDIA 205
38 Colombo SRI LANKA 212
39 Islamabad PAKISTAN 213
  1. siva devi ponge says

    My husband is French and I’m a Malaysian and we live in France. My husband is a retired diplomat. As for me, I furthered my studies in Chennai and lived in Madras for eight years.
    My husband wants to live in Bangalore or Chennai as he likes India a lot. He is seriously considering leaving France to live in India.
    Is it possible to inform me as to the cost of a decent home in a chic locality in these two cities?
    Thank you.
    Siva PONGE

  2. ishwor says

    i would like to see the entire sheet,which country and city is one and which one is last.

  3. suneel says

    who do you live with in india?andwhat do you like about living in india?

  4. da says

    I would like to see the entire list. Which country is 1 and where do American and European cities stand?

  5. Jim Norton says

    I know this is going to sound ignorant.. but….

    I’ve never been to India. Are the larger cities well developed as compared to say large American cities?

    I would think that the level of development would in part determine total cost of living?

    I ask because I really don’t know much about India and I’ve been under the impression that India is not very well developed yet.. Is this true or have I been under a false impression?

    BTW Arun, the new site layout looks awesome!

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