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Today’s guest post come from our regular reader Anthony Fernandes who heads marketing at Bestpraxclub and is committed to “Engineering change in management practices”. 
This post may not be exactly related to Indian Business, but following learnings based upon our everyday sightings are worth a read.

Teams Working in Unison

Strolling up the narrow Matharpacady by-lanes, in Mumbai, I was stopped in my tracks by sounds  ‘heyy ya’. More shouts, in baritone unison, followed. And still more, in a smooth and consistent rhythm.

Initial alarm, at something gone wrong, soon turned into amusing relief, at my sighting a mathadi gang, labouring in moving a transformer, up a narrow incline, within the cloistered confines of vintage houses.

Close study, was a lesson in learning, that I will long remember. Every member of the 12-man team, performed with split-second timing, and with a will – to keep the load moving.

The ‘clarion call’ of the mukadam, was taken up by all, and breathed ‘focused action’, into every person who had their job clearly cut-out – be it placing guide-rails, leveling  wedges, rollers, crow-bars, anchor-ropes ( to prevent sliding-back ), or plain tugging and heaving in sync – a veritable orchestra playing to the world. And the stubborn dead-weight of the Transformer was overcome.

Simply beautiful!

Fleeting images of the ‘mumbai dabbawalas’, working in ‘efficient ant-like harmony’, came to mind. If only they could add sound.

This also brought to mind an article in the  e-magazine called ‘INSIGHT’, of BestPrax Club ( members can access in website , on ‘Teams & Work Organizations – factoring team-spirit top down’. This describes how highly committed & motivated teams, with strategically aligned (rail-guided?) goals, can attain high levels of excellence & generate competitive advantage.

Ken Blanchard (author of 1-minute manager), defined team as ‘2 or more persons, who come together for a common purpose, and who are mutually-accountable for results’. He also postulated that teamwork contributes to ‘individual empowerment and well-being’ – since support from ‘organizational leadership’, transforms teams from work instruments, to powerful change agents.

With my thoughts, the load also moved. And kept moving, till it was in position.

The look and expression on the teams faces not only spelt ‘SUCCESS’, but also vindicated, what has been said above on team-working.

Without question, the acronym ‘Together Everyone Achieves More Success’, is the most befitting , and can truly spur teams , to move mountains. More power to ‘hey ya’.

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