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Internet Search: Can you do without it?


No, Atleast I can’t.

Information retrieval via Internet search is now an indispensable tool for billions of people worldwide. Most of us will feel paralyzed even at the thought of not having it.

The latest comScore report shows that a whooping 61 billion searches were conducted worldwide in month of August 2007 alone!

And Asia-Pacific region leads the charts in terms of number of searches.

Amount of Search Engine Traffic

The Asia-Pacific region, which includes large markets such as China, Japan and India, saw 258 million unique searchers conduct 20.3 billion searches. Europe reported the second-most searchers (210 million) and searches (18 billion), followed by North America, with 206 million searchers and 16 billion searches. The Latin American region demonstrated the heaviest search activity per person, with more than 95 searches per searcher in August. The search market in the Middle East-Africa region is the most underdeveloped thus far, with the fewest searchers (30 million), searches (2 billion), and searches per searcher (70).

This is one of the reasons why SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is becoming a big business worldwide. Search for term ‘SEO’ yields more than 177 million searches. Nowadays, SEO plays an important role in every companies’ marketing strategy. If you are not present in the top search results in your niche, you are missing out on a huge number of potential customers.

And which is the top search engine?

Without doubt Google.

Here is the snap shot of the top search engine properties on the web as released by comScore.

 Top Search Engines

Even on this blog, Google accounts for around 80% of search engine traffic. If this blog was not optimized for search engine,  majority of users wouldn’t have ever known about it.

Ask yourself a simple question, Can you do without Internet search?

If you can, you are a genius :)

  1. swiiomn says

    for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction… also has its ?

  2. trakin says

    And with it the typical Encyclopedia Salesman have also vanished…Remember those irritating sales people trying to sell you the loads of encyclopedia books for thousands of rupees..

  3. Ashwin says

    This reminds me of the time when we used to refer the World Book for any matter that we may be interested to learn more about. Due to it’s expensive value, that would not be easily affordable to all. Then with the evolution of Search Engines and Wikipedia, it has been much easier to get plenty of information we need within seconds! Thanks to Google for taking the technology a step ahead :)

  4. googledegook says

    Search engines on mobile phones is going to be the next big thing in India.

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