Ecommerce in India: Have you shopped online yet?


Is E-Commerce in India growing at the pace that it should?

As per the latest findings, Indian Ecommerce growth is pegged at 30% year on year. Do you think these figures should make online retailers happy?

As per the report released by Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and IMRB International, the total online transactions in India stood at Rs. 7080 crores (approx $1.75 billion) for 2006/2007 and is expected to grow by 30% to touch 9210 crores (approx $2.15 billion) by 2007/2008.

Just to put it in perspective, that is only 0.002% of our GDP!

Growing ecommerce in India

Distribution of Online spending

The Online spending is categorized mainly in following 5 areas:

  1. Travel: comprising Travel aggregators, Tour Operators, Hotels and Railways
  2. E-tailing: comprising Online Retailers and Online Auctions.
  3. Classifieds: comprising Online Jobs, Online Matrimony, Online Property, Online Automobile and General Classifieds
  4. Paid Content Subscription: comprising research, articles, exclusive videos, etc
  5. Digital downloads: from Internet to Mobiles and internet
Here is the chart of rest of the online spending breakup:
 Description  2006/2007 
in crores
in crores
 1  Travel Industry 5500 7000  76%
 2  E-tailing 850 1105  12%
 3  Online Classifieds 540 820  9%
 4  Paid Content subscription 20 30  –
 5  Digital Downloads 170 255   3%
   Total  7080 9210   100%

It is quite clear that online spending is largely skewed towards Travel E-Commerce. Rs. 7000 crores out of 9210 crores is expected to be spent on online purchase related Travel like AirFare and train / Bus ticket booking. So 76% of overall E-Commerce goes to travel sector alone.

30% growth seems to low considering that Internet and mobile growth is happening at much higher pace and Online Ecommerce is directly proportional to that growth.

What do you think? Have you shopped online yet?

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  5. vijay srinivas says

    The growth rate of E-comerce in india is drastically low.Forget about US,China has an E-commerce revenue of more than 20 billion dollars and even Singapore has revenues of more than 5 Billion dollars with a population, which is just 4% of what India has:)

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  12. Mesmerized says

    Na …. i sort of have only shopped from Indiatimes and Amazon

    Im skeptical about online shopping in India yet !

  13. Philip says

    Oh yeah. I have shopped on rediff, indiatimes, amazon, and quite a lot of International websites.

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