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Top Trakin Blog Posts for September 2007

More than 300 subscribers have joined Trak.in blog in the month of September. I wish to extend hearty welcome to all of you.

I will be doing a detailed round-up for the month of September 2007 in next couple of days; meanwhile here are some of the posts that received quite a bit of traffic last month.

Are Bloggers powerful sneezers?

Yes, Bloggers are powerful sneezers, no doubt! Suhail Farooqui of Mouthshut uses this analogy in an article…


Bangalore: Best city to do business in the wired world…Really?

CNN’s Business 2.0 has mentioned Bangalore as the best city to do business in the wired world. To be honest, I am quite surprised…


Reliance Retail Vs Bharti Wal-mart: An exciting test match to watch !

Yes, it is not a one day match, it is going to be a long and hard fought Test match. One that Indian consumers are going to watch closely with excitement….


10 facts you should know about Indian middle class

Indian middle class is growing fast, real fast. It is not the same what it was just a decade back. They were then branded as a conservative and thrifty people….


Top 5 reasons why Indian IT professionals return back to India

In last couple of years there has been severe shortage of H1B visas. The quota of 65000 work visas for skilled labor in US gets filled within hours of opening up…


What you may not know about Ganesh Festival: An appeal !

Ganesh Festival is really a time for festivities; it slowly starts to get Indian people into festive season mood that spans till end of Diwali. If you live in cities like Pune and Mumbai, you will know the kind….


The falling Dollar and Dilemma of Indians in US!

If you are an Indian living in US, you may have already experienced it. Currently, there are only two subjects that are being discussed among Indians…


Trak.in blog will make quite a few exciting announcements in month of October, including long awaited blog redesign, details about an exciting start-up where I am one of the co-founders (Online publishers / bloggers watch out, It will change the way you publish content on the web !) and a contest where the readers stand to make real hard cash for just commenting on this blog.


Exciting times ahead, you sure don’t want to miss it !

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