Video Resumes: hit or miss ?


In last one year we have seen quite a few big name jobsites adding Video Resume feature service. Infact, if you search on Youtube for video resumes, you will find a few thousands listed there.

Video resume buzz started when Jobster first announced their Video resume service. I am not sure if they were the first, but that is when I heard it first.

Few questions that most of us have about video resumes:
Are Video Resumes beneficial over paper resume? Does it create more negatives than positives? Are employers looking for Video Resumes?

Here are my 2 cents:

In US, employers have started using video resumes as screening tools. A video resume can determine whether or not you get called in for an in-person interview. A video resume goes a notch above the paper resume and shows your personality and communication skills in reality to employer. This is a big plus for Employer and for the candidate as well.

Having said that, I should also say that Video resumes are only good for certain segment of candidates.
A video resume of a fresh software developer may not be as appealing as that of a Project manager. Most of the times, an employer wants to see only the technical skills of junior developer. However, in a Project Manager, they have to see his communication, his personality, his presentation skills, his confidence and host of other soft skills that can only be see through a video resume.

From candidates perspective, it is very important on how you make your video resume. Let me tell you it is not easy. Infact, I think if you want your Video resume to be successful you should get it done from a professional. And even if you decide to make it at home, you need to ensure that every care is taken as you will when actually attending an in-person interview. You need to be properly groomed and dressed.

A Video resume is exactly like a trailer of movie. You want the employers to get impressed with what they see. Show them your best side without exaggeration.

You sure do not want to end up like Aleksy Vayner. He has one of the most famous Video resume ever and is seen by thousands if not millions of people worldwide. This resume got circulated in every major bank and financial institution on Wall Street.

If you are planning to create your own Video Resume, you should not miss 7 tips on creating an effective Video resume by Nick Murphy.

I started writing this post to review, who claim to be India’s first online resume service. However, the post seems to have taken a different direction. I should do the review in coming days.

  1. Mesmerized says

    Will do that thanks for the advice :) Ill send you the mock one!

  2. trakin says

    I think it is an excellent idea Mesmerized. You should surely make video presentation of your projects with your commentary. What you need to take care, is that it should be short, simple and to the point. No more than 5 minutes with good quality.
    make a mock and get it reviewed before sending.
    Best of luck !

  3. Mesmerized says

    Im glad you wrote about video resume.

    Im planning to send not exactly a resume but sort of a small presentation on all my projects …!

    Do you think its a good idea to send a video resume of sorts for a post grad application?

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