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In India, a sport does not go beyond realms of Business. If there is no money in a sport, forget it. It will never receive the recognition or coverage it deserves.

However, if a sport has money, sponsorships and big name behind it, it will be given the ‘A’ class treatment, even if it does not deserve.

Take the example of Formula One racing.

The news has been long time coming; Formula One racing is coming to India. According to this AFP news, India is all set to hold F1 race in 2010.

Suresh kalmadi and Narain kartikeyan

I fail to find the logic behind this. It takes millions of dollars to get the Formula One infrastructure in place. Does governement have that much money to spend on a sport.

And it’s not only the infrastructure, just to get the approval; F1 demands $30 million in deposit.

Is it worth it? I don’t think so….Even a fraction of that cost is not justified.

Where other Indian sports like hockey are fighting for a few thousand dollars of sponsorships, how can you spend millions on a sport that does not even figure a single Indian?

You may say Narain Karthikeyan; have you seen him driving? He cannot finish a single lap without crashing. His inclusion couple of years back in F1 was purely political, for the end result that has come today.


India will stage its first-ever Formula One race in 2010, Indian Olympic Association (IOA) president Suresh Kalmadi announced Monday. Kalmadi said he met Formula One chief executive Bernie Ecclestone in London last week to seal the deal. “It has been decided that the Formula One race will be held in Delhi in 2010,” Kalmadi told reporters.

“Ecclestone stated he had received a good report from (Formula One track architect) Hermann Tilke. The shortlisted sites are Greater Noida and Sohna. We have been asked to negotiate and finalise any one of them,” he added.

Tilke made an aerial survey of the two venues, located on the outskirts of Delhi, during his visit to the country earlier this month.

 I would love to hear your thoughts on this:

Do you think India should host Formula One racing in 2010?

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  1. Sachi Mahatha says

    really sports are no long sports……………..

  2. trakin says

    Thanks for your comment…
    I am all for the boosting of image, however, is it worth spending hundreds of million dollars ?
    Second, if we have that kinda money to spend on a sport, is it the best investment that India can do. I used to be a die-hard F1 fan till couple of years back- and I would love to have F1 come to India, but only after host of priorities that India need to spend those millions of dollars…

  3. Ian Gavini says

    I do understand that we need to concentrate more on hockey and stuff but sports like formula 1 which is a big deal elsewhere is a must have. Not all of your articles have lagging backward attitude, which is why India is where it is now. Not up to par with China and other developing nations. You might argue with on the previous point but in the worlds view we are still backwards which is what we need to eliminate to bring in more business. Formula 1 is the answer, it is a rich people’s sport and if it is here it boosts our image too. I will be there for the inauguration race.

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