How does world identify India : Gandhi, Taj and Poverty


How does the world identify India?

Gandhi, Taj and Poverty are the top three associations that world makes when asked to identify India. This conclusion is based on a recent survey conducted by BBC. When I read about it in E.T, I was actually quite surprised that technology or economic development did not figure anywhere.

The survey, conducted in collaboration with international research company Synovate across 20 countries in Europe, North and South America, Asia Pacific and Australia, questioned 12,670 respondents about their perceptions of India and Pakistan.
“It was conducted to coincide with the celebration surrounding India and Pakistan’s 60th year of independence from Britain,” the BBC said.
Interestingly, where French, Spaniards, Italians and Danes thought India topped in poverty on the planet, their Eastern counterparts Singaporeans, Japanese and Hong Kong nationals thought India to be a modern nation, high on development and technology.

On the other end of spectrum some think that about India quite differently. For example, take Michael Schrage’s blog post “Indianovation” where he perceives India to be high on entrepreneurship and Innovation.

As fascinating as I find China, I think India will be the more intriguing emerging innovation superpower story over the next five years. The global reach of its diaspora entrepreneurs (Lakshmi Mittal, for example), its calibrated linkages with America and China, and a population that is bound to grow more innovative and playful as the burdens of the Bureaucratic Raj ebb should all combine to make the Subcontinent even more influential than many might expect. I’m not uncomfortable making the case that India’s biggest value-added export is its human capital.

Yes, the infrastructure here is not world-class, and that will become even more of an issue gating India’s future economic growth and success. But between the wealth of its human capital and a global marketplace that appears uneasy with China’s grasp of both rule of law and “quality circles,” India may attract more than its fair share of entrepreneurial expats and direct foreign investment.

How do you identify India ?

  1. Bhaskar says

    The biggest reason I think India’s inability to show something at world’s stage. In case of technology also, very little innovation happens here. Things are getting better and fast enough, but still not at that level. Our per capita income is still at African level. But one thing I am surprised, how Outsourcing got missed out.

  2. nanda27 says

    History has played a very important role in presented the world scenario as we see today. Let us not overly deprecate the worth and talent of Indians and India. If you open your mind and identify the countries which are ‘developed’ as we call them i.e USA, UK, Germany, Japan, France, Russia etc.. they have all been involved the World Wars.. Whatever technology we are making use sprang up during those heady days of war where scientists faced a do or die situation to come up with engineering, military, medical and communication/reconnaissance technology just to give an edge to their respective nations from their enemies. Their development is a mere offshoot of their spoils and lessons from the war. Each country is unique. We cannot make comparisons and particularly put our country down with respect to other countries. We may not have developed in terms of infrastructure, at least we don’t carry the guilt and blood of massacring people of other countries for our benefit unlike the other so-called developed nations

  3. Fake Jhunjhunwala says

    Real Indian innovation is lacking due to a number of factors. Instead of being followers to the world, we should be leaders by using innovation. I saw an article recently at Seeking Alpha
    that seemes to say it all. We do need to stop being corporate slaves, but we must also create a culture of innovation so that we can develop our own solutions!

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  5. Rinky says

    mera desh bra mahan, jiska naam hae Hindustan.
    East or west India is the best in any situation,
    feel of real relationship.

  6. trakin says

    @Mesmerized, I am not surprised. Contrary to the belief a lot of people are quite ignorant about what is happening today. They still carry the same perception what it was 25 years back. Image building is a slow process. the good news is it is rapidly changing.
    @DWiner, I respect your view and appreciate the detail with which you have put across your perception (yes, I call it perception- because it is limited to you).
    Infact, I plan to put up a post touching upon these points in coming days…stay tuned

  7. DWiner says

    Contradictory to the above comment, I’m not patriotic towards my country. And I do not feel negative saying so.

    All these ‘nice’ things about India: Culture, Tradition, Unity are good when they are in print or in a Rahman number. The REAL INDIA is outside these books. look out for a glimpse of what India looks like today. Corruption, scandals, scams, communal riots, polit(r)ics and what not. This is definitely not what Gandhi really fought for. Good that he is no more. Seeing the plight of todays India, he would not have given Godse a chance to….. Had Gandhi not fought for independence, today we would have been a better nation under the governance of the British.

    From the 50+ years of Independent India, we have attained:
    The best population a country can have.
    The worst economic situation.
    The worst rate of development.
    The best rate of corruption.
    The best rate of attrocities.
    The best number of communal riots.
    The best number of goondas, rowdies…err…sorry..Netas.

    To put in a nutshell; total chaos, increasing cultural madness and confusion is what we have attained in all these ‘free’ years.

    We have experienced the best leaders a nation could ask for; Gandhi, Nehru, IndiraGandhi. Todays leaders = corrupt and influential goondas & ra***ls. We had the best of wealth and natural resources, which is today a thing of the past. Today we are begging at the doors of the world under the disguise of imports. We boast of multiple languages, castes, sects, religions. At the end of the day, each fights for better reservations above the other. It is taboo to utter a single word related to sex in a land where the kamasutra has originated. But yes, countless scandals run daily with the support of our own poiliticians. Today is the day of the rich and the influential. And till date there is no day for the poor. The poorer get poorer and the rich richer; the true Indian economy. Culprits walk away scot free. A silly case filed in a court of law by a famous person pushes down all the cases that have been pending since ages. And surprisingly, the courtroom talks about the law. Yes, the same age old LAW that was conceived during the early days of freedom, which is lying dusty on the judges table. It has more (loop)holes than any sieve for a convict to come out free, smiling. All this in a country that boasts about freedom!!!

    3 years after we gained independence, another nation was completely burnt down to ashes, literally ashes. Now after almost 50 years, they are one among the worlds super powers and can make US sweat in no time; Japan. They are a 1000 light years away from our reach.

    What have we gained by winning independence? A dirty stinking pathetic corrupt nation. In a way, I think we have not still gained independence. Most of the software giants in India work for the off shore countries. 90% of the call centres in India work for US and UK. Do you still think we are independent? The only change we have is SLAVES are now refered as CORPORATE SLAVES.

  8. Mesmerized says

    When i went to Australia last year for a exchange program a kid actually came up to me and asked me – if i had a refrigerators at home : * jaw drops* . The world does perceive India as poor .

    India for me is democratic enough – to hold my own stand, Dogmatic enough too know never mess with “people” who shouldnt be messed with, Distinct enough too visit a new state and live a completely new culture, and Culturally so rich that it would take a life time to really explore the whole country!

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