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I am surprised at the speed Zoho is churning out new products. I was already in awe when they by going offline (in a good way). However, today’s announcement about the launch of their Business suite, has even furthered my admiration.

Although, most of the services were offered individually earlier, now they have categorized the whole set into 2 – Zoho Personal and Zoho Business.

All the applications offered earlier for free will be part of Zoho Personal suite.

Zoho Business (ZB) will be available in two flavors – Free and Professional. Similar to what Google Apps is offering – Free Standard and Paid Premium

Below are some of the highlights of Zoho Business.

  • Company level Admin Console
  • Domain Management (for pointing your domains to Zoho Apps)
  • Centralized User and Group Management
  • Single Sign-on across several Zoho Apps
  • Zoho Apps include Writer, Sheet, Show, Wiki, Notebook, Email, Cal, Tasks, Planner, Viewer, Chat etc.
  • Customization Options
  • Multiple levels of Security including SSL
  • Remote Backup
  • Telephone Support
  • and more.

Here is a video of Raju Vegesna explaining about the new Zoho Business suite.

I have requested for beta access. Once I get it, I will probably do a comparison between Google Apps and Zoho Business suite.

Till the time I am able to experience it live, enjoy the screenshots.

They are enticing ! Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.

Zoho Business Suite Zoho Business Suite Zoho Business Suite

Zoho Business Suite Zoho Business Suite Zoho Business Suite

I am sure that Google is seeing the advancement of Zoho in this space. Is Zoho the next candidate for acquisition.

A big question, Will Raju Vegesna let Zoho get acquired ?

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