SONY plans to offer Movies and Music downloads…on portable devices


Online Movies and Music downloads seems to be attracting tons of player in a very short time. I just came across this report mentioning that SONY plans to offer online movies and music downloads to consumers.

I had earlier written about Bigflicks and other players recently entering the market with India based movie and music contents. However, SONY’s model is different than these online entertainment portals. They are more in competition with Apple  IPod and ITunes. They will be creating software and portable Hardware where users can download the multimedia content. The service they will offering will be very similar to what ITunes offers.

Last week Sony revealed a new Walkman video player that comes with Microsoft Corp’s Windows Media Player 11 that is capable of managing digital libraries in the US and Europe. The LCD mounted players, which will be compatible with MPEG-4 encoded video and AVC, are already available in Japan.
During CEO Howard Stringer’s tenure in 2005, Sony was forced to cut jobs, close down plants and dropped unprofitable divisions in a turnaround attempt that the company has been trying to put into place since then.
Stringer is reportedly going to use Sony’s PS3 and and Play Station portable videogame machines, apart from its Bravia HD television sets to create products and services that will enable users to download television shows and movies in a similar manner that it is downloaded on Apple’s Tunes store and Ipods.

IPod along with Itunes service have ruled the market for few years now. It will be interesting to see how Sony tackels Apple’s domination in this space.

  1. Shylaja.K says

    Hope downloading online  music and movies will not be a nightmare.

  2. Shalini Amarnani says

    bank of india is not the second largest bank…icici lays claim to the that fame

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