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The power of blogging and Social Networking


The media landscape in India is changing. It literally takes minutes for a breaking news to spread across the globe. Nothing gets hidden from the users. Be it a highly classified video, or a scam or a simple news that should not have come in open.

Nothing is a secret anymore, absolutely nothing.

The two main reasons that have contributed immensely to this phenomenon are blogging and social networking.

Today I came across another example of this. It may end up costing the agencies involved lakhs of rupees if not more. Here are the details of the story.

Have you seen Silky Kumar video, “Scent of Desire” on Indian TV channels. It is presumably a start to a long drawn advertising campaign for Axe. It seems that Hindustan Level Limited (HLL), the company behind AXE Deo spray meticulously planned this campaign. They wanted the audience to believe that “scent of desire” video is just another pop video, which comes and goes.

However, like one of the blogger guessed, that is not the case. Have a look at following video if you have not seen it already (I could not even get through seeing the whole video- such pathetic stuff). I had not seen it either before stumbling upon this news at WATblog, which led me to this blogger story revealing the plot.

However, the story gets interesting after the ad agency sends a polite but threatening mail to the blogger who revealed the plot behind this video. The agency not only send the mail, but also deleted the comments which blogger had written.Here is how blogger put the jigsaw puzzle together, in his own words.

Well I was as well. I mean, well the song was catchy, and it seemed crazyass and weird, but still, if MTV is showing it, then must be some singer.
But I’m in the media sphere,and my primary interests are advertising, so I decided to do a bit of googling, on Mr.Silky Kumar.

I found a blog on RealTravel by Shans, who was one of the foreign gals in the video, and there, well I learnt the truth, that this was a promo video for a new Axe Deodorant.
I also did some searching on AgencyFAQ’s, and found that HUL, was planning something similar to the Sunsilk campaign, for the Axe Deo, but as usual there wasn’t much there about it.
The funny thing is, on YouTube, the comments section, most of the comments are by

someone who joined like a week back, and all different id’s yes, but all saying, that either they know Silky Kumar, or that they are soo in lovvvee with him..

I should say he put the pieces together perfectly !

This is what I call power of blogging. An individual figures out the inside story, publishes it and before you know, it spreads across the blogosphere.

Welcome to the new media.

(Note: my analysis is based on the sources given within)

  1. sumit says

    Hindi social blogging ko doorbhaash se samjhaayen- 9425605432

  2. trakin says

    Jacob, Nice to see your comment and your effort at clearing out the “mis-communication” caused.
    Just a small thing that I wish to point out. It is extremely important how you put your words across, especially when you are making a point on a sensitive subject. As with any communication, the reader / listener is more interested in reading in between the lines (and most often than not the the person saying/writing means it too..).
    Take an example of the comment you have just written.

    after all how could we possibly threaten him? Advertising agencies unfortunately lack an ‘enforcement’ department at present.

    What does “unfortunately” mean in the above sentence. Are you saying advertising agency should have an enforcement department ?
    I understand that you have said it in more lighter way, but some will take it in a negative way…which is detrimental to clarification you mentioned in your comment.

  3. Jacob says

    This just goes to show that mis-communication happens in all media new or old! As the writer of that email I’d like to assure everyone that there was no threat intended or present – after all how could we possibly threaten him? Advertising agencies unfortunately lack an ‘enforcement’ department at present.

    In fact we were writing mostly to congratulate Mania, as you can see from the text of the mail on his blog. The purpose of such campaigns is, of course, for the truth to be revealed otherwise what good would they do the brand? We merely wanted to keep the ‘reveal’ out of the youtube comments for now to give more people the chance to figure it out for themselves.

    Please, keep watching MTV and youtube this week as more will be revealed about Silky then.

  4. Mesmerized says

    Nice to know Jacob that you took the effort of clearing your stance, But i wonder, why not reply on the source creation of the content – Mania would love to hear from you.

    Ok Taken no threat but im not too sure its a good idea telling anyone, that “hey atleast i didnt block you from commenting further”

    I also think you intent is not for people to figure out that Silky Kumar is an AXE advert, im sorta not buying that. May be you wanna justify that.

    The mail had precisely 1 line of “congrats” Rest was , dont reveal the campaign sorts. (hmm!!)

    Besides i dont think this is miscommunication Jacob, when you put a video on a open platform like you tube it goes without saying that – by default i can comment what i want – Free Will.

    Its social media rule’s, if you were apprehensive on having comments that revealed your gig – you should have not put the comment section, but why would you do that you obviously want ” i love silky kumar comments on it”

    Peace out !!! On the Positive Side Jacob, blogs are now embedding the video, its just getting viral :P Enjoy the increase in views for your video. Your purpose is served !!

    I must say, it is a great great campaign – and silky Kumar is quite a character. Love his Dev Anand sorts dance moves.

  5. trakin says

    Mesmerized, to be honest with you they do not have choice but accept the new media, coz, mark my words, the world in future will depend more on this media than traditional one. It is a change they have to accept and live.
    Exp. Mania…you don’t need to worry at all, infact I say the people who sent you that mail have to be worried. You have exercised your freedom of speech. and congrats on solving that puzzle, it was a great effort.

  6. Experimental Mania says

    Mesmerized told me that you linked a post to my blog. thanks so much. i know for the news is spreading, and i was a tad worried when i got the email threat from them but the support from the blogosphere has been overwhelming.thanks in spreading the message of the power of blogging.

  7. Mesmerized says

    Yup he did put the piece perfectly, the blogger who is a good friend of mine – did do a great job. If the ageny would have let it all be no one would have even known about it, But after that mail, which was against the silent code of conduct of New Media- just aggravated the issue which has led to the spread of it in the blogosphere.

    So hence if you cant handle the freedom of social media – you dont get into social/new media.

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