ZOHO beats Google with its own product !


Today ZOHO announced that they are giving the much needed offline functionality to their Zoho writer. I was quite excited to read it on Techcrunch, as I have been a regular user of Zoho applications, especially the writer and the polls functionality.

When I visited Zoho writer, I was in for a surprise. When I click the Offline link on Zoho writer, it opens up Google Gears window for download. It is ironic that offline functionality of Zoho is based on Google Gears, as they are their biggest competitors.

Zoho Writer Offline Screen

Zoho Writer has features that beats Google Notebook hands down, and with this new functionality they have moved farther ahead.

Zoho logo tag line change With this functionality, they need to now change their tag line too..Here is what they need to do.

Currently, this functionality is offered only for writer and that too in “read only” mode. However, this functionality is soon going to be extended to other products in their stable with read-write mode.

Zoho has been one of my favorite Indian start-ups and they way they are going that “favorite” tag is going to remain for a long time to come.

  1. trakin says

    Honestly speaking you should really use it…with this new feature you really will be “offline too..”

  2. Arvind says


    “Work. Online. Offline too.. ” – Nice one :-)

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