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Bollywood, the biggest film Industry now embracing Youtube


Yes, Indian film Industry has finally succumbed to the pressures of online media. Now you will be able to see lot of stuff related to Bollywood on Youtube – Officially.

Till Date, we have seen quite a few of copyright Indian Film and television material on youtube illegally, however, for the first time you will see it legally, thanks to EROS entertainment. As per Hindustan Times report, the channel will offer customers a wide range of content such as ‘first-look’ at films, events and happenings from Bollywood and music videos, interviews, upcoming film trailers and much more.
Here is a first look at one of the to be launched movies by EROS Entertainment on their Youtube channel.

Interestingly , this Bollywood channel has already garnered more than a million pageviews and traffic is multiplying by the day.

Manu Kaushish, VP New Media, Eros International said on the launch that

“We are extremely pleased with the initial success of the channel; this has helped us validate the demand for our exclusive content library. Over the next few months, we will be launching our own ad supported platform and will be pioneering this model for the Indian movie industry”

That means this deal with Youtube will be till they launch their own platform- which will be a revenue stream to EROS.

According to me, we are just couple of years away from this Online film releases becoming a norm. Already, we have seen Hindi short movies released on Internet alone. Once we have a good Cable and Bandwidth Infrastructure, we will see streaming high quality movies on your TV sets !

  1. Singh says

    I think the indian films or songs copy right issue  should have some time limitation like may be for thirty years  or forty years. Seems to me there is no limitation, these guys like rajshree media or eros are going too far. They think they own every thing biggest butches in the industry.  I am in the free society and  should have the right to explain my feelings.

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