10 reasons why you should blog?


blog is barely 2.5 months old, but this short time in blogging has taught me so much. This blog is a part time effort along with my full time day job. I spend about 2 to 3 hours daily and I think that this is best time spent in the day. I have been in technology and management for more than 10 years, where most of the work is quite practical. I enjoy my day work, but sometimes it lacks creativity.

However, Blog writing is completely creative, atleast that’s what it is in my case. It has not only allowed me to express myself creatively, but it has increased my knowledge many fold. I have always been fond of discussing current events in social circles and has allowed me to do that with hundreds of readers without being physically present with them.

That’s the reason why I decided to write this post – 10 REASONS WHY SHOULD YOU BLOG ?

1) Expressing Yourself
As mentioned earlier, blogging helps you to express freely, most of which is normally not possible physically. The expression could be your own or your response to others point of view or current events. I think this is the most important trait of blogging.

2) Blogging gives you exposure.
Blogs can give you tremendous exposure. As you build content on the blog, like minded people join in. Lot of people find your blog through search engines, looking for things of similar interest as yours, thus giving you quite a bit of exposure. Blogs being inherently Search Engine friendly help quite a bit.

Blog on Keyboard3) Blogging gives you power
With exposure comes power. Especially, if your blog content is either controversial or popular. If you have build credibility over a period of time, people will be influenced by what you say and write. This gives you power and self gratification.

4) Blogging gives you knowledge
Yes, I have experienced it first hand. When you write a blog you will always be interested is what is happening around you and what are others writing. This process itself will give you information overload. And when you have information/ knowledge you are very confident !

5) Blogging improves your writing skills
When you start blogging you may or may not be too confident about your writing skills. However, if you blog consistently and frequently you are bound to improve your writing skills. I find myself asking this question a lot of times – Have I really written this :)

6) Blogging lets you connect with your employees and employers
Whether you are a CEO, a manager or just a employee, blogging lets you connect with your superiors, colleagues, or sub-ordinates. In many cases your blog becomes your effective way of communication. This helps you in getting your point across at your own convenience.

7) Blogging puts you in touch with Industry Leaders
Yes, this is the fact. The Industry leaders are always on watch out for what people are saying about them or about their companies. There have been many instances when these biggies have directly communicated with bloggers. I do not think any other medium is simple enough to put you in touch with them !

8) Blogging can earn you money
Blogging can make you decent money. Not every body earns in Lakhs like Amit Agarwal of digital inspiration, but blogging can give a nice stream of steady cash. Earning money takes a bit of time, but if you write regularly and monetize your blog sensibly, you can surely make decent sum.

9) Blogging lets you share knowledge
One of the reason why blogs have been so popular is the amount of knowledge sharing that takes place. Also, this knowledge gets so refined over period of so many iterations that many people now only refer to blogs to get information- it is also because they can ask questions and interact with the person who has knowledge- unlike a static website that gives you a lot of information, but does not answer to your questions.

10) Blogging can grow your business.

This is another important aspect of blogging. You can easily bring in lot of new business, because of the personalized communication you have through your blog. People trust individuals not businesses. Blog is also an excellent medium to get instant feedback on your products and services, thereby giving you continuous platform for improvement.

There are tens of other reasons why you should blog, but every person has got his own reason for blogging. My question to readers

Why do you blog ?

  1. Ashid Ahammed says

    You explained in details that motivate me to start writing blogs , You stated that ” NO free lunch ” means nothing can’t be gain without any effort.

  2. Yiannis says


  3. trakin says


    Feedback like yours is extremely important to me and thats what keeps pushing me forward too…I am so glad Trak.in has helped you in coming up with your blog. I saw your posts and I must say you are doing very well.
    Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions…
    – Arun

  4. Tushar Chothani says

    Hi trak.in

    Though i dont know that my this feedback will be taken into account or not,but stil, for the love of writting i will do it.

    Your’s is the 1st RSS feed I have subscribed. I am highly inspired by your posts as always and have also started blogging.I have almost 75+ posts on my name.
    tusharcc.blogspot.com and

    And why I write posts…
    I have a dream of writting a book, before I am 30 (at present m 25), which should have at least 1lac copies sold, by I am 31.

    Looking forward for your motivating and inspirational posts


  5. trakin says

    I am glad that you liked thispost..

  6. Rajiv says

    excellent, i am inspired …
    may start blogging soon..

  7. trakin says

    Shubham, Thanks for those encouraging words :) –
    It is nice to know that you have joined IIM Calcutta- you are going to have an interesting couple of years ahead of you.
    As for this post, I am glad you liked it – This is what I have actually experienced and seen. As you rightly said, I’d not be surprised if few years down the line, A will become like an email – A neccessity. If you you don’t have one- you risk of becoming an outcast !

  8. Shubham says

    I have recently joined IIM Calcutta. So been a little busy.

    Nice post as always. Quite inspiring :)
    Blogging definitely is the next wave, after media this is the new novel way to spread information.
    Nice list, and I am sure you will also start making a lot of money like Amit Agarwal pretty soon

  9. trakin says

    Thank you Mahesh for your appreciation and subscribing to my RSS. Yes, you are right everything I have written here is purely based on my exp. in last 3 months.

  10. Mahesh says


    I have also been blooging since from 2 months though i know blogging since from may 2006.

    You are absolutely correct and all points are 100% from your experience is what i thought.

    Connect to me. I subscribed ur rss. Keep inspiring.

  11. Mesmerized says

    i wouldnt agree less, Blogging if nothing else is therapeutic. Your blogs extremely informative, while the answer to the question of why i Blog?

    besides blogging for my company blog, my blog is about arbit things in my life, and well it just helps me unwind so to say, I absolutely agree that it has helped improve the way i write!

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