India Shining: 21st century head with 19th century body


I have written a lot of posts on this blog on how India is growing and the challenges it faces during her journey.

I stumbled upon an excellent video called “India Shining” by Colin Mutchler. This video in short span of 6 minutes does a wonderful job of explaining what is India today ?

I strongly recommend you to watch this video. It may not be too professional looking but gives you exact picture of what is India !

The overstretched 19th century elephant lumbers toward anarchy, while the 21st century mind embraces chaotic democracy. Yes 1 billion strong are rising to the mainstream, the brain drain reversed course, as the home country gains the valley’s cream, of the top crop.

But the taxis are stuck in traffic, and the governments are slow to change. And the youth consumers of Nokia’s futures are breathing pollution and more of the same.
India Shining, as we walk to the beat, of people surviving, with what they sell on the street.
India Shining, yes the weather is sweet. People are climbing, while the West is asleep

India Shining

  1. Colin Mutchler says

    Thanks so much posting this! I also wanted to mention that if you like the lyrics of India Shining, you may enjoy a few remixes that have been made out of it. My favorite remix is called “Indian Latte” by Illusive Mind at:

  2. Mesmerized says

    That was an interesting, video :), great montage of Visual India

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