India set to become the favorite International tourist destination.


Indian Tourism Industry has been upswing for last few years partially due to an excellent “Incredible India” campaign. I think this was one of best campaigns that Ministry of Tourism was able to successfully implement. The spurt in number of International tourists travelling to India shows that “Incredible India” campaign was a big success. The campaign has enabled India to penetrate global market and reach the ultimate consumer through electronic, print and internet media.

Given the unique and immense potential India has as a ‘vacation destination’, The World Travel and Tourism Council has identified India as one of the foremost tourism growth centers in the world, in the coming decade.

Considering the Global Tourism perspective, buoyancy in the Indian Economy and growth in the related industries like Infrastructure and Aviation, the Tourism Industry is expected to be on an upswing in India. Lower Airfares and growing middle class Indian consumers have given additional boost to this Industry. Foreign tourist arrivals to India have been showing an increasing trend, currently standing at 4.43 million in 2006, up 13% from 2005 (3.92 million). In 2007 itself, it is estimated to touch 6 million. Taking into account the fact that these figures exclude the NRIs visiting India, the total number of international tourist arrivals in 2007 is estimated to be over 9 million.

Across the Globe Indian Taj Mahal is very well known. However, India’s rich cultural and geographic diversity provides the basis of a wide range of other tourist attractions and experiences, which include among others – leisure, culture, adventure, spirituality, eco-tourism and wellness & health.

Here are some of the experiences that a tourist can have while travelling to India. There is a lot more in India other than Taj Mahal. Here are a few “Incredible India” campaign microsites that will give insight on various destinations that a tourist can plan on visiting while travelling to India.
MICE Crafts of India Pilgrimage
Wildlife Buddha Medical Tourism

150 years of India ‘s Freedom Movement The Himalayas

Indian Heritage
Walk with the Buddha WildLife
Central India
Come to Paradise
Fair and festivals of India

Due to the efforts of the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India have led to India winning the following international acclaims:

  1. Conde Nast Traveller, the worlds’ leading travel and tourism journal has ranked India amongst the top 4 preferred holiday destinations of the world
  2. India amongst the top 5 favorite destinations – Lonely Planet in a survey of 167 countries
  3. ABTA (Association of British Travel Agency) has ranked India as No. 1 amongst top 50 places for 2006.
  4. The Incredible India campaign has been the winner of PATA Gold Award for best Print Ad Campaign and PATA Gold Award for Best Destination Marketing Campaign
  5. The Incredible India Campaign has been ranked as the ‘Highest Recall Advertisement worldwide by Travel and Leisure.
  6. World Travel Awards received for
    1. Asia’s Leading Destination
    2. World’s leading Travel Destination Television Commercial
    3. Worlds’ Leading Responsible Tourism Project, for Endogenous Tourism Project
    4. Asia’s leading tourism and convention bureau
  1. satya mev jayte says

    Buddhist’s circuit in east utter pradesh and bihar are makka and madina for east world. Due to bad social/political and worst infrastructure, hardly 1 % of these destination’s capacity has been utilised. These are the places where poverty and unemployment is biggest issue. Tourism is biggest employemnt creator per unit of investment. People/Government should think seriously about developing these sites and promote tourism.

    East culture and spirituality can never been think without Buddha,Shankara,Krishna and Indeed Lao Tzu (China). For west world east is east because these jewels and Thousands of years of History. For cultural and spiritual tourism, Touring Guide is most crusial element but approach of agencies towards guides is just so so….

    If we can manage these gaps then we will be on top of ten, not in top ten destiations.

  2. says

    Лучший новостной познавательный портал развлечений предлагает Вам новости и видео ролики на темы: музыка, выступления; юмор, развлечения; мультфильмы, кино и телешоу; аварии, катастрофы, драки; природа и животные; авто, мотто, а также игры, спорт, эротика и многое другое.

  3. kk says

    india izz spell bounding….frm scenic beauty f north east to himalayan paradice………its absolutely mind blowing……….n u need more dan da eyes 2 know or sense india!!!………….

  4. Tetrania says

    Привет всем, млин тут комп не давно сломался и остался я без компа и инета аж на целых 5 дней! Епт такой тошняк был пока не починил, ведь есть все таки зависимость от компьютора как ни крути. Помню раньше не было и не надо )). А еще игры это вообще жесть затягивает. Не давно видел объявление на ряду с лечением табакокурения, алкогализма, в третей строчки было лечение от ИГРОМАНИИ. Во как! Докатились!
    Зависимость или свобода конечно все зависит от нас.

  5. trakin says

    Kiran, Thank you for your appreciative words.

  6. Kiran Pande says

    One of the finest article on India tourism. Please keep up your good work !
    I shall try to follow you in my blog.

  7. trakin says

    Thanks India Blogger for some interesting statistics. It does give an interesting perspective on Why tourists choose to come to India. Surprised that “shopping” was the third most popular choice. I guess the reason for it is also that India has not been able to market itself beyond Taj Mahla till recent times. However, as you see in my article the “Incredible India” campaign is one of the few successful tourism campaigns. The microsites listed above also give you a fair idea on what tourists could really do other than Sightseeing and shopping.

  8. Indian Blogger says

    A Gallup Survey noted that 67% travelers mentioned Taj as the most popular attraction of India.Other reasons for visiting India are Goa and Jaipur.The prime reason for visiting India is sightseeing, followed by cultural events and shopping (yes!). About 97% of them mentioned that their experience met or exceeded expectations . They found the Indians warm and friendly (50%), and appreciated cultural diversity (46%). Basically, they got what they saw had seen in the “Incredible India” campaign. ( Remember the “Incredible India” hoarding at Times Square promised a tiger !)

    Another interesting point to note was that India seems to be attracting visitors who are at the top end of the socio-economic pyramid. More than 50% of the recent travelers interviewed spent over $3,000 during their stay, including the cost of accommodation and air tickets!.Worldwide interest in India is around 7%. Interest to visit China was about 31%.

    What surprised me was that the survey said that the visitors hardly visited the Tourism Ministry Website. (About 1% of travelers come through the tourism ministry’s website.). The awareness about India is pimarily through word-of-mouth.

    One of the main reasons for people avoiding India were concerns regarding safety and hygiene in public places .

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