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I have been following Zoho for last year or so and they never fail to impress me with the range of online applications they have launched. This is one Indian web2.0 start-up that is taking some serious strides in the Web Based Office tools arena. There are number of players in this area, Google docs, Nivio, GOffice, ContactOffice, OfficeZilla and many more. This area is already getting crowded, but Zoho has managed to keep itself on top with their quality Applications. Just recently they launched Zoho notebook, which is still in beta, but they have managed to make me switch from Google Notebook instantly. One look at the feature list and you will know what I am talking about.

If you have used Google notebook, add to it quality editing features (video, image, html, Audio etc..), neat collaboration and sharing, drawing features, much user friendliness and you will get Zoho Notebook. If you have not already given it a try, You should do it right away.

zoho-application-suite Free products
My only reservation- and it is mostly from Indian perspective – is the amount of bandwidth Zoho applications may require to run on the Internet. Most of Internet users in India are still on dial-up (73% at last count), and it may be difficult for them to access it comfortably. I really cannot give too much of insight on this as I have a good broadband line and for me it is a non-issue. I would appreciate readers input on how these applications operate on dial-up and slower bandwidth.

I am planning to review the applications I have used on this blog. Here are the list if all applications that they are currently having. Most of them are Free.

Free to use In Beta or Fee Based

Zoho Writer, online word processor
Zoho Writer
Online word processor with collaboration features. No download, No install, just sign up to create documents.
100% free
Zoho Projects, online project management software
Zoho Projects
Project management software to create, manage & collaborate online.
Free for 1 project. For more, price starts at $5

Zoho Sheet, online spreadsheet application
Zoho Sheet
Online alternative to traditional spreadsheet applications with powerful features like charting, collaboration & more. 100% free
Zoho CRM, on-demand customer relationship management tool
Zoho CRM
Elegant & Affordable On-Demand CRM Solution
Free upto 3 users. For more, price starts at $12
Zoho Show, online presentation tool
Zoho Show
Online presentation tool to create, edit, publish, and show presentations.
100% free
Zoho Virtual Office, web-based collaboration groupware
Zoho Mail (private beta)
A web-based collaboration groupware that includes Email Client, Documents, Calendar and more.
Zoho Wiki, easy-to-use Wiki for all
Zoho Wiki
Wiki that is as easy to use as a word processor with group concept, versions, sub-pages and more …
100% free
Web Conferencing - Meet Online &<br> Showcase your Product
Zoho Meeting (private beta)
Web Conferencing – Meet Online & Showcase your Product.
Zoho Notebook, online application for aggregating multiple types of web content
Zoho Notebook (beta)
Create, Aggregate and Collaborate on multiple types of content online.
Site 24×7
Website Monitoring Service.
Free for 2 websites. For more, price starts at $0.5
Zoho Polls
Rating. Survey. Polling – Online.
100% free
Zoho Challenge
The easiest way to evaluate candidates online.
Free upto 25 candidates. For more, price starts at $199
Zoho Creator, online database applications creator
Zoho Creator
Create Online Database Applications in minutes. Build Forms, Collect Data and Manage.
100% free

Zoho Planner, online organizerZoho Planner Online organizer to maintain your todo?s, reminders, notes, attachments etc.
100% free
Zoho Creator, online database applications creator
Zoho Creator
Create Online Database Applications in minutes. Build Forms, Collect Data and Manage.
100% free
Zoho Chat, group chat application
Zoho Chat
Unique and intuitive way to make group decisions faster.
100% free

Zoho Meeting and Zoho Wiki are recently added to their suit of applications. I am planning to give them a try shortly.

I am a sucker for polls, it makes a interesting visual decision based graph. I created this poll using Zoho in less than a minute, You dont even need to login !

  1. Luis says

    This translation to Portugues is horrible, we can´t understand anything.

  2. trakin says

    Thanks Shubham…I am very confident that Zoho will give Microsoft a run for their money. Zoho may or may not have corporate clients, but they certainly are a hit amongst younger people. The best part is that they are free or very low cost. This makes them very very attractive.

  3. Shubham says

    A good review. Its good to see Indian Startups getting more publicity. Zoho definitely seems a great startup with quality products. I have used the Zoho Polls and they seem a dream to me.

    I applaud your effort of trying to make Zoho more popular, and urge others to follow. Lets make Indian Startups popular!

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