Will Ayurveda be as popular as Yoga in America ?


Till now the Indian Drug makers had to label the traditional ayurvedic medicines as dietary supplements for authorized selling in US, however, this is about to change with the US Food and Drugs Administration approving the first prescription herbal drug, confirming its safety and efficacy under a new review process.
The new regulatory pathway cuts short a mainstream herbal drug’s journey form lab to market by relying on the safety and efficacy data documented in ancient texts. If is strong enough, the FDA may even grant over the counter (OTC) status, which allows the companies to advertise the drug directly to the consumer. Indian drug makers such as Ranbaxy and Lupin, who have their traditional medicine arms, can now combine their chemistry skills with the knowledge of traditional drug makers for tapping this huge opportunity in the US, which already has a $ 65 bln pharmaceutical market – the largest in the world.
We will have to wait and see if Ayurveda comes any where near to the popularity that yoga has gained in the Western World !

  1. JYIC says

    We are coming up with a Yoga Institute and a health care center at Greater Noida. We are looking for a reputed Ayurveda company to take over the Ayurveda area on rent/profit sharing basis from us.

  2. jobins george says

    its a great deal what you are doing.

  3. jobins george says

    now i am developing a new business plan and strategy.to bring the people, from US,uk,and middle east, to India for ayurvedic treatment.and we seek an alliance to market our treatment packages in US. and UK. if you have a good network there please contact me son

    yours sincerely
    jobins george

  4. dr kamini says

    me & my husband both r MD ayurveda doc.& running a medi spa.want a associate to do
    Business with us

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    1. dr dilip t vharkate says

      ready to join from maharashtra

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