15 Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Have!


An entrepreneur’s life is chaotic. More often than not, he has more things to complete in limited time. A long list of TO-DOs, conference calls, meetings, managing contacts and hell lot of things. This is where technology comes in tremendous help in streamlining the chaos.

Most of the Entrepreneurs and startup guys, especially if they are involved in tech industry, use various apps to ease up the clutter. If you are one of them, here are 15 interesting apps which can make your life a lot easier.

15 most essential apps for entrepreneurs

Most of the apps we have listed here are cross-platform and web based, hence could be used on any smartphone or tablet.

15 Essential Apps for Entrepreneurs

1. Any.Do 

Make Things Happen

A to-do list is the most essential app you should have. Due to heavy workload and in pursuit of meeting deadlines, we often go absent minded. Any.do, a simple yet powerful app will just not let you forget an important task.

2. Evernote


Be it a brilliant idea just clicked in your mind or an address you need to visit tomorrow. Jotting down small things drastically improves efficiency. With Evernote you can note anything as is. Note down through your smartphone in clouds and access it from your computer or share with colleagues.

3. Quickoffice


With Quickoffice, you don’t always need to open your laptop to edit a word doc or making a complex calculation in spreadsheets. While it lets you create, edit and share Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint files, its excellent compatibility with cloud services like Google docs, Evernote etc, lets you store your files in clouds. Since its a part of Google now, expect better upgrades and more stability.

4. Dropbox


Store and share all you files in clouds to manage accessing from any portable device but with an ease like managing a folder on your computer.

5. Google Drive

Google Drive1

An app which integrates the functionality of 3 apps mentioned above i.e. Evernote, Quick Office and Dropbox, though the experience could be not as polished as using these apps separately. But again, a Google product is always expected to go better and better with time.

6. Google Talk

Google talk

I haven’t found a better tool to keep a control on your team. Keep yourself and your team online on Google talk and rather than calling every time for small queries, consider interacting through IMs. You will be able to interact with them more frequently and effectively regardless of where you are.

7. Skype


Skype app helps you in many ways. While it lets you join a conference on the go, you can also have a video chat with your family members when away from home.

8. Instapaper


Often you come across an interesting articles (especially related your projects) but couldn’t read since you have short of time. Instapaper lets you mark those web pages in order to read them later.

9. SignEasy


Need to send a signed invoice through mail. No more getting a printout, signing and scanning it back to get a softcopy. Signeasy lets you legally sign a document on your smartphones with the help of your finger or stylus.

10. Writethat.name

write that name

Are you that lazy techie who doesn’t bother to save contacts from email signatures. Searching back the contact number from a long list of old emails sounds even worse. Try Writethat.name which automatically adds contacts to your address book from the signatures of emails you recieve.

11. Mobileday


Mobileday scans your calendar for the conference calls (even if its an invitation) and then retrieves the required details (e.g. dial in number, passcodes) automatically. It then notifies you of conference in advance and if its an online conference, lets you join in just by making a couple of taps.

12. Cardmunch


If you meet a person in an event who just takes a snap of your business card with his iPhone and returns it to you, he is using Cardmunch. Its an iPhone exclusive app which enables you to save a contact in your iPhone just by taking snap of a business card. You need to be a Linkedin member to use this app which isn’t an issue as the Linkedin membership is free.

13. Geniusscan

Genius Scan

Simple yet effective tool. Lets you smartly scan a document with help of your mobile’s camera. Auto Detects the page frame, enhances and exports the created file to PDF or image format.

14. Skitch


Another great app from Evernote. Skitch lets you take a screenshot on your device and then annotate, edit it to communicate ideas more effectively.

15. Freshbooks


Who says you need to be a chartered to manage your company accounts. Freshbooks is an web based app which lets you manage accounts including Income, Expenses, Invoices, Team time tracker and a lot more. Powerful and super easy to use.

Being highly productive is an essential requirement if you are starting up, since you have to manage most of the things yourself. Better manage the things the next-gen style.

Good luck.

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    out of 15 i have .. 9 .. rest is in downloading pipeline tankeu
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